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CTF-Dianos [PC] [Beta]

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    CTF-Dianos [PC] [Beta]


    Version:This is a final design, looking for bugs and testing game play

    Compatibility:UT3 & the most recent patch (3/29/09)

    Description: is an ancient alien civilization's attempt at harnessing the power of the stars! It's main function was to house the ability to create mini-stars which could be used like nuclear technology to power their advance civilization.
    Now,changed by evil forces of the Necris, it has been tampered with, altered to create a nightmarish haven. With ancient markings, it is hexing all those who happen upon its stone construction.

    Comments: During the creative phase of development, I chose to create many concept sketches unlike my prior creations. Doing so really helped me to make an even better map and cut my creation times in half! I created concept art for everything from the alien tentacles to the starter walled fortresses.
    As for model creation, I created every model in this map minus the few retail necessary pieces like the CTF flag bases, weapon lockers, etc. My models had been optimized from the start and I decided to use less polygon detail. This helped to strike a balance between texture and model detail.

    Finally, the textures had been created completely by me in Adobe Photoshop CS3. UVW maps of the models were created, and exported to Photoshop, then painted the UVW Unwraps, Crazy Bumped to create Normals and Specular Maps, and eventually applied in Unreal Editor. I also used Unreal Editor to create bloom effects on the pillars that contained Greek font. The effect was eventually added to the bridge networks and other ground models.


    Credits: Epic Games

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    bumping with new link


      Anyone have any thoughts or suggests?


        Maybe add more pics will help.

        The one there is looking good, but it's still only one...

        Most folks don't bother to download if they don't see some pics to get an general idea. There is many maps out there & since there is plenty of choice, folks will download the maps they're seem most completed. It's natural, everyone want some eye candy stuff to look at

        Just my opinion


          It looks pretty good. You did a lot of work for this map! I hope everybody appreciates the work you put into it


            More info -

            The normal maps are extra bumpy! It makes the textures look interesting. I think you need a blue material for the blue side. Right now the whole map is red themed. Near the flag, you might want to add another route/jumppad/something. If you camp the main road to the flag there isn't much they can do. Also, if it's a final map you should add the UI screenshot (follow instructions here)


              Yeah the red is a bit much in both bases. Maybe a blue glowy text texture for the blue side and the center peaces that arnt part of a base a yellow like the lights of maybe even an scery evil looking purple. Also the ball above the blue base may need a color change.

              It does look like something the UT99 necris would use as a holaday spot which is perfect for waht you want out of your map by the sounds of it.

              Please what ever happens though dont let this get you down its a lovely map and looks gorgous. It just needs a little polish and to be honest I like the normal mapping on it and dont find it bad at all.