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[UPDATED 5/5/09] DM-Mardarth_Mines [PC][BETA 5][PICS]

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    [UPDATED 5/5/09] DM-Mardarth_Mines [PC][BETA 5][PICS]

    DM-Mardarth Mines UPDATED: BETA 5 (final ?) (5/4/09) (

    Version: Beta 5

    Description: This is a fairly large death match for 8 to around 32 players. I emphasised atmosphere, but i also wanted to give it an unusual layout, something other than a typical UT3 map.
    The map has three traps, two of which are set off at random (sort of) and the other by a button; Two of the traps are around power-ups and one is just in the map somewhere.
    I focused on the visuals and atmosphere but the game play is good as well; theres narrow areas, and wider open areas and also good sniping positions and alot of z-axis action, so its pretty varied.

    >Changes From Beta 4
    -Added 2 more directional lights, and lots more spotlights to simulate sunlight.
    -Added volumetrics as rays of light from the sun
    -Added more fog volumes for atmosphere
    -Added lots of dim bounce lights
    -Added meshes in some areas and delete meshes in other areas, you know just generally improving things i wasnt happy with.
    -Added bot pathing in the garage yard so bots can get the redeemer
    -Larger file size but i found i got better frame rates because i realised i had a few point lights set to dynamic by mistake, which are now fixed.
    If you getting lower fps than with Beta 4 then post your outrage here.

    >Changes From Beta 3

    Changed PP in some areas to be less obtrusive.

    Changed map lighting.
    -Increased overall brightness of the skylights
    -Changed the "atmospheric lighting" i.e added more spot lights and directional lights to create a more realistic sun lit scene, and increase brightness.
    -Added more lights aroung the map in general, to make the lighing more intresting, and to bring out detail better.

    Removed 641 meshes (not noticeable dont worry) and done a general clean up mesh wise.
    -Changed design of the teleporter room on mining tower (its now a teleporter balcony; more space and less meshes and has a nice view over to the garage yard)
    -Changed other minor designs, primarily on mining tower.

    Changed Layout on the mining tower, the elevator hallway by the storage halls now only connects to the storage hall and not back to the mining tower, but players can now jump from the elevator hall down to the generator tower and also from the mining tower down to the generator tower.

    thats it i think.


    >Changes from Beta 2:

    Fixed Mano Santo's problem caused by a package. (should be fixed, i cant test it so let me know)

    Fixed multiple pathing issues:
    -Stairs on main tower, beside tarydium pot.
    -Walk-way from main control room across too processing tower.
    -Stairs in the small computer room.
    -Roof of the computer room

    Changed collision in the elevator hallway on main tower.

    Removed a very small amount of unnecesary meshes.


    >Changes from Beta 1:

    Improved performance. (now works well with 32 bots at medium-highish settings)
    -Removed some meshes
    -Added in cull distance volumes
    -Edited individual meshes cull distance settings
    -Removed some unnecessary lights

    Fixed some of the pathing problems.

    Changed the post processing, its less blurred now, and less bloom.

    File size 7.5MB lower :P

    Compatibility: PC only for now. Cooked with patch 2.0. If you dont have this patch by now, you don't have my permission to play the map :@

    Story: Mardarth Mines, once the most prolific Tarydium mining colonies in Phyzaine 7. The company eventually had to close its doors during the economic crisis of 2286, the mines lay dormant for 5 years untill it was eventually swept up by Liandri location scouts for use in Liandri's up and coming Tournament. Out of the 8 Mardarth mines only 1 was deemded safe enough for use in the tournament, although most contestants would disagree.


    Known Bugs:
    -One of the lifts, the lift by the threes, doesn't work right (see here for details)


    Credits: Epic, Bl!tz, everyone on BuF and the epic forums who gave feedback, And especially Stevelois, who's constructive critique is what created beta 4


    looks atmospheric, I d/l it right now


      WOW ...yes looks stratospheric

      superb pictures...D/L héhé... cant wait to try that


        yooo ...finally find some moment to try it

        first i like the athmosphere of the map; lot of mouvement and it s not a dead place
        but what jump to eyes first is the "blur/fog/or postprocessing";way far to loud for me and it kill the visuals so its dont kill only the visuals it kill the fps too :with fraps i was always around50/60 but each speed moove or worst,each jumpboots use result in a massive dropdown to 10 fps......
        my feeling was frustration:not been abble to satisfy my eyes with those nice visuals but just that blur thing....and second i m a flying monkey and each jump or dodge jump was fraqd by the fps dropdown

        here the bots get stuck,facing something invisible or on the other side of the "ramp":

        and here i hav fall through the decorations and i have survive but firing my opponents the goop of my bioriffle have hurt some blocking volume and have fall back on my surprised face

        this map have big potential and i thx you for the hard work u did on it ....and the sky...OMG!.....awesome


          Thank you for the feedback
          Yes other people have commented on the post processing (on BuF), i will probaly change this for the next release. Is it just the outside areas where you think its to blured? or every room, because i have different post processing settings in each room. And also, what have you got the post processing set to ingame? i recommend "intense".

          Yes i'm aware of that the bots do that :P im not sure why they do, but ill look in to it for the next release.

          Yeah, it performs OK on my computer, but i agree once go in to the air or look up, the frame rates drop, i should probably do more work on cull distances on the meshes.


            in fact in rooms it dont affect visuals(short distances)
            outside it kill the visuals (i thing it would look more eyecandy if you was abble to see more details,decorations and even the sky;the blur make all "troubble" like if you was drunk)

            for the fps kill it appear in big/fast mooves (no way do do such big jumps inside) especially while using the boots

            i ll try it with recommended"intense" setting but just for info it s the first map that do such an ownage/pownage of the fps since i have upgrade my no no i ll not upgrade again


              OK let me know how it works out with the intense setting. If you still think its too blurred i'll tone it down.


                Im going to start working on a new version now.
                -going to change the post processing outside.
                -And try increase performance, any tips on optimization anyone?

                and maybe try fix some of the path problems.


                  ok just tryed with "intense" setting instead of "normal"

                  the result is that global fps is worst :it was 50/60 now it s 40/50 but the "drop downs" are less loud/powerfull it fall down to 20 no more to 10 so the freeze is less powerfull too but still too much in big jumps

                  i dunno how and i dunno why... lol^^


                    Ok its updated now to beta 2. (link in first post)

                    Imporved performance. (now works well with 32 bots at medium-highish settings)
                    -Removed some meshes
                    -Added in cull distance volumes.
                    -Removed some unnecessary lights

                    Fixed some of the pathing problems.

                    Changed the post processing, its less blurred now, and less bloom.

                    And the file size is now 7.5MB less OMG!


                      héhéhé....nice improovment of the map mate

                      now i can see all the map and i must say it had be a pure shame to "hide" all that with a too powerfull blur !
                      holy**** on visuals; i cant imagine how many hours to adjust all that stuff...hmm...yes i can....impressive work

                      the map itself is excellent and i like the zaxis ways; and the accelerations while using boots

                      i had no more massive dropdowns under 20 fps....though still hurting badly my rig with all settings on max and pp on "intense"(from 60 to 25/30 jumping )

                      i have note another place where bots get stuck:when u are on top of the map facing the rocket launcher (u have the biogoop bath in yer back), on your left u have put a "ramp" to jump ,bots are stuck on the side of that ramp (trying to jump but not abble to do a full jump cauz they arent fully facing it)and they only use it to jump if u fire them

                      nice map; 5 stars


                        Thanks for all the feedback!
                        yeah i agree it looks much better with less blur, also you don't have to have intense turned on now, you can but it back to normal, the difference isnt as noticeable with the new PP settings.
                        Oh i taught i had fixed that bot problem, ill take another look.
                        Im GLaD you like the map, and yes it did take a long time :P it is my first proper map so i was sort of slow.



                          TBH, I would give it a try but just by the pics, it'S to blurry for me. But reading your comments since you will address that aspect in the next version, I'll give the next version a try


                            Originally posted by stevelois View Post

                            TBH, I would give it a try but just by the pics, it'S to blurry for me. But reading your comments since you will address that aspect in the next version, I'll give the next version a try
                            Did you tried it now?
                            its much less blurred now yeah,
                            please let me know what you think


                              I'm going away for a week, and i won't have a chance to check this thread, but if i come back next week and there is still no more feedback I'm going to go ahead and release the current version as the final.
                              So like, next weeks your chance if you have any feedback, ill incorporate any changes you suggest, and then release the final.