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VCTF-Plateau-RC1 (Pics and Download Inside)

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    Thanks buddy for going over the map.

    Due noted with the sniper rifle/ammo, I'll move the ammo.

    The getting out of the map on the right side you shouldn't have, though I just moved the blocking volumes up so you can't get back with the grass at all now, which should take care of that.

    The 3 or 4 ledges you got onto where the waterfall shouldn't have been there. Though I don't know why the killz volume didn't kill you. Though I put an extra killz volume there covering the ledges and its a little bit higher up than the ledges, and i moved the ledges so you couldn't stand on them which should take care of that.

    As far as the waterfall stream moving you, not sure, but i can try I'll see what I can do.

    Thanks for the feedback man .


      Final is done, go get it here....