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    Originally posted by SEBASTIEN-NOVA View Post
    I strongly recommand you to copy all GOW contents you have used in your map package, if not, you will not have a lot of D/L of your map which looks nice, it's a shame...
    I agree for ppl like me who either don't know or just to lazy to take the time to figure out what goes where... Map looks F**kin AWESOME though!!!


      only packages in used


        Originally posted by symphonyhell View Post
        WAY TOO MUCH!!!!

        If you want your map to be played on any Server, your going to have to Import all the GOW content into the UT3 "DM-the_Lords_of_Mergge" Package!

        You need to listen to the feedback your getting here.

        This is too good of work to just collect dust when all is finished.

        Note: If you need help with the "exporting/Importing" part....just ask, I'm sure someone on this forum can help/assist you.

        Good luck!


          yes mate they are right; i have download it cauz i was attract by gow content but else even with those awesome picts way! s a bit huge

          dont kill all those hours work