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CTF-Hero's Leap [Beta 2.1/MSU entry][Pics][Updated 8th May '09]

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    A while ago I submitted my latest version of the map to the MSU competition and that's available to download from FilePlanet (see first post). Feedback is pretty slow at the moment so I've just done what I wanted to for myself.

    Just because I put the latest version into the MSU doesn't mean it's final, I can continue to make changes and improvements, and the extra attention might be really useful to highlight problems. Certainly there are some parts of the art I'm looking at and think I could have improved, but I guess I'm a little mentally fatigued to tackle that right now. The main thing is that I think it's playing pretty good, so for now I plan to just sit back and see what happens.

    Meanwhile, post your feedback if you have any - I'm always interested.

    Here are the old notes from Beta 2, the previous version. As usual the latest update notes are on the first post.

    Originally posted by Cirian View Post
    There's only a few changes from Beta 1, but some of them have a major impact so here goes:

    1. The heroic leaping is back with a vengeance! Yeah, I guess I killed the fun a bit going from alpha to beta 1 by taming the giant leap - that was one of the coolest things I thought, so I've revived it and added another one(!) that takes you from the central platforms onto the rooftop of a base to make that route really worth taking. It's just like being in a Hong Kong martial arts movie! Scoring is a lot easier now, so get out there and attack!

    2. Blue base lighting. I've done a load of lighting work on the blue base, including some material work to capture the right "look" for it. It's certainly an improvement... tell me what you think.


      I just played this .It's not a traditional style CTF but it is really creative and fun. It also runs at good FPS. A definite keeper, bots work well also..


        Glad you like it AKWolf