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Scylla v0.8 // --> please give feedback

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    Scylla v0.8 // --> please give feedback

    Name: Scylla
    Version: 0.8
    Compatibility: UT 1.3


    Scylla is a custom character for Unreal Tournament 3.
    This first release contains the basic model, team
    skins and FP arms...which means you can use her for
    all playmodes. I still have to fix and implement a lot
    of stuff to complete this little addon, but i decided
    to release it anyway.



    Please contact me, whenever you encounter
    errors/bugs. I really need any help available
    to finish this character
    At the moment Scylla doesn't have her own
    voice set...and i have no clue how to edit
    sound/record samples. If you have experience
    in this field and are interested in doing a
    voice set for her, please drop me a line.


    and here are some ingame shots, done by mel_danes....thanks ^^

    Originally posted by mel_danes View Post


    Download v0.8

    Download v0.8 (Filefront Mirror)


    I just downloaded it. I think you did a great job making it.


      Pretty good job so far i guess i can start lookin for bugs...


        Looks awesome. Great style, in keeping with the UT3 stock characters, just slightly cartoonier.


          She looks gorgeous, good job !


            She looks great, but still her face seems a bit undetailed.
            Give her a bit better sunglases textures too, and then I think
            The work will be done-still there might be sth wrong with the movement,
            but the 3D part will be ready.

            Keep up the good work


              She looks better with the sun glasses. I think anyways. The "red" team colors i don't like the blue skin and red spikes look weird. Maybe switching the blue skin and red spikes into red skin with white spikes. (Any chance I could do a cook for you for PS3?) Anyways the description said link gun was here favorite so why not included a link in her spike holsters or 2 attached to her back


                Sent you another pm. And bump, because this is an awesome model.


                  Tec let me first say that I love this model.

                  She is very well made and I have learned a good deal by examining this young lady, under extreme scrutiny. This is the closest I can come to a complete here goes.

                  First I ripped your character out of the game, which I hope you will forgive me for. This allowed me to see it in Max, which I needed to do. I rendered a complete 360 movie at high resloution with all the cool little shaders and AO. This allows me to see everything very quickly. Your model held up very well to this technique, if you would like a copy of this movie I can mail it to you (4.8Mb).

                  Second I poured over your materials and models in the UT editor.

                  Third I played this character for many hours in first person and spectator mode, just to watch her die over and over to check for vertex weight errors.

                  Here is the model as reviewed, the right knee pad seemed to have improper x-forms so I deleted it. Also the shoulder pads and glasses were seperate parts to me so they were checked seperately.

                  On the character construction front she is built well, an athletic and attractive young women. Sure, she may have gravity defying Breast armor and buns of steel but this little lady is more than just eye candy. Her overall design is well thought out and that clearly shows in how you portray her. From the dyed hair, crop cut and the lip piercing, to the body hugging skin suit she is obviously a very confident young woman.

                  My only thought on construction is that her arms may be a little to small for her athletic build. This picture better describes my thoughts.

                  Her silohuette changes only slightly. She still has an hour glass shape, yet some upperbody mass to balance those wonderful dancer thighs.

                  The torso - thigh transition is difficult to do properly for these models, I've done one myself so I feel your pain here. The areas need to be weighted so they smoothly transform and deform as the character moves around. I found a serious issue in this area, but one you can probably fix very quickly.

                  The leg overlaps rather than folds in when the hip is twisted. Try moving the leg around on the basic skeleton and see the deforms. When played you can see the top of the pelvis stick out way to much when she twists around during ragdoll.

                  Really this is the only construction issue I found that was bad. Everything else is just opinion.

                  The detail on the back of the calves could use some crisping up.

                  Continuing on Normal maps....

                  Overall the effect of your normals on the organic parts like the legs and the belly area is awesome. The hard edge parts just need a little more umph. You could use parallax mapping or just overlay a couple copies in Photoshop for the effected areas.

                  Loved your use of reflective/emmisive maps. One little detail I noticed in the editor.

                  This leads us to the shoulders and thier materials...

                  I hope this review helps you to get this wonderful model to the level you want. I have enjoyed playing it and will continue to do so. You have really helped inspire me to finish my UT3 project. For that I thank you.

                  Ooohh and if Angel_Mapper is PM'ing you to do a voice, I presume her to be a feamle from her site, get on with it man. If she can do voice acting them you are gold. I have found it nearly impossible to find female voice actors for mods, women just don't seem to be into FPS games as much as men.....hhhmmm I wonder why?


                    Review part 2: IE parts I could not get into one post.

                    The FPV arms.

                    And the glasses/goggles.

                    If anybody has a problem with the glasses I recommend taking a look at these beauties, only set you back 105$.

                    Oakley website for the above spec's

                    Thanks again Tec for all your hard work.

                    Ok people enough gawking, go out and download her already. Sheesh.


                      i like her ***... its like two fine apples that i would like to bite!!! anyway great job muscless are pretty fine modeled


                        Tec this is one of the best models I've seen for UT3! And so far my current favourite
                        When can we expect updates?


                          I love it!! good job so far.



                            WOW !

                            ..............thanks for your kickass-feedback very cool to see an in depth critique with lots of pictures which show the main problems. .......really, thanks a lot.

                            i think all of your concerns are appropriate and i think most of these bugs can be fixed in a small amount of the arms, shoudlerpads and textures.......skinning is the biggest problem because i am rather inexperienced ^^, but somehow it'll work.


                            Originally posted by euchreplayer23 View Post
                            The "red" team colors i don't like the blue skin and red spikes look weird. Maybe switching the blue skin and red spikes into red skin with white spikes.
                            sorry, could you explain what you mean in detail or make a screenshot to show your concerns?.... i don't understand the problem ^^


                              I'm not a very good beta tester regarding models. I did test a bunch of things tonight including your model and I must say I love it so far. Very sexy & futuristic model

                              Looking for the final version