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    I made these awhile ago, just now getting around to posting them. Dont bop me on the head if you've already fixed the stuff!

    not uploaded: noticed if you take raptor up, you can see clipping (weird blackish lines along the horizon) along the skydome horizon where you flipped it. Go check that out.

    Sorry if these are a little big, too lazy to resize!


      Thanks man. I'll take a look at these tomorrow when I'm not exhausted!

      I already fixed the thing where you can fire weapons through the crane. Also, I'm probably not going to make too much more of the crane accessible. The middle part has these funnel things that are just begging to be places where people can get stuck. So I just blocked it out.


        Okay, added air control to the center jump pads (it's really not necessary on any of the base ones), fixed some of the weird material stretching on the rock formations underground (let me know if I missed any!), turned down the machine noises by a significant volume, and fixed the crane not blocking weapons. Oh, and moved the skydome, so you can't see the seam anymore. Good catch!

        I haven't been able to reproduce any of that weird blackness stuff you screenshotted there...


          Well I only notice the black particle boxes (i think they're a particle effects gone wrong) when the raptor takes off. Also note the black cube near the powerup is rotating. My world and texture settings are both at 2. If that helps.


            The rotating black box on the platform undoubtedly has something to do with the powerup that is placed on it. That would explain the rotation. The black boxes under the Raptor maybe related to the emitter that the Raptor gives off when it flies. I don't know what would be causing that to happen. It may not be related to the map, but may be on your end Morg. Has anyone else noticed this?


              I'll try running the map at 2/2 tonight to see if I can get this to happen for me. Thanks again.

              I'm wondering if this will be affected by the patch tomorrow. I guess we'll see!


                Beta 2 released!

                If no one has any problems with this version, I don't have any things I intend on changing anymore, so this could be the final version!


                Muffin, I tried to address as many of the pictures you sent as I could. I wasn't able to reproduce the black boxes issue, or the blackness under the raptor. If you have the time, I'd be interested to know if it's still happening, what with the Titan Pack and all.

                Things I fixed, added, or otherwise took care of:
                done -rear crane blocking volume
                done -can't hoverboard jump on sniper ledge
                done -move avril across from sniper in base
                done -put more boots above rear exits in base
                done -make windows in base
                done -more avrils under crane?
                done -colored jump pads
                done -health vial cluster at jump-lift spot in base
                done -flight nodes for raptors
                done -lights on back doors w/ health in base
                done -turn down machinery noises
                done -distortion waves on lowest visual settings?
                done -defense nodes
                done -colored jump pads by raptors
                done -remove light fog by crane
                done -make rear door lights not pink
                done -change squeeky machine
                done -minimap
                done -populate inside of bldgs
                done -change material on walking rocks in lava
                done -can shoot weapons through cranes
                done -added StealthBender


                  download now new beta


                    FINAL VERSION POSTED!