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CTF-MetroStation [Beta 009] [Updated]

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    CTF-MetroStation [Beta 009] [Updated]

    Name: CTF-MetroStation
    Version: Beta-009
    Compatibility: PC (Patch 4 , v2.0)
    Description: CTF version of my dm-metrostation map


    -Modified design (e.g. pillars)
    -Added some design elements
    -Light colors changed to red and blue
    -Added two little room for flag bases
    -Weapon lockers changed to weapon/ammo placement

    Graphics look very clean, great work. Can't wait to compare it with my own subway station (check TrainPlace )


      I suggest making a theme for the map with some fog/post process. The clean look is too colorful, imo. (I personally love a gritty, more grungy subway scene exemplified in Left 4 Dead.)

      Plus, why are you using weapon lockers for CTF? You should think of some good, balanced weapon/ammo placement instead of using lockers.


        Looks Nice. I like the stairs & platforms model. After I see this,my map looks garbage I feel like throwing myself in front of your map's train.


          Updated to Beta 009


            I liked the look of it, it looks like this map would be fun with 6-12 players in it. Though a couple of things popped out.

            I think the flag room needs to be a bit bigger, its pretty small as it is now and is really easy to camp IMO. If you brought the wall back a bit more it would make it a little bit more easy to get the flag out of there.

            I love the placement of the deemer tunnels.

            I would suggest instead of putting a damage volume on the train tracks and having the trains sit there, I would have the trains move through the tunnels like they do in a real subway. You could just attach a kill volume to the front of the trains so it kills anyone down there when the trains come through. See my War-Subway Map in my comments if you would need help doing this i have already done it. If you do go that route and need help I am more than happy to help.

            As people have said its very bright subway, I prefer the more darker grungier subway myself but when I think of a subway I think New York which is grungy. Though I know there are other subways out there that are super duper clean so it works either way. i would say though to turn the lighting down a tad it is very bright. You don't have to change it much just turn the brightness down.

            Anyways I liked the map and think it will play pretty good. Good Job keep up the good work .