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WAR-Deadlock [beta][pics]

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    WAR-Deadlock [beta][pics]

    Compatibility: 1.3, 2.0
    Description: Liandri Corp’s recreation of the infamous Deadlock battle that took place during the Skarjj/Mo’Kai War.
    History: They came in hard and fast, ruthlessly destroying everything in their wake. To the Skaarj, it was just another planet to conquer. To the Gen Mo’Kai, it was their home, their most sacred of places. The Skaarj tore through the rain-soaked canyons and deep chasms, levelling all they could find. The Gen Mo’Kai fought back bravely, but the Skaarj invaders outnumbered them with their battlecrafts and their superior firepower. For every one of the reptilian foes who were slain, another three took their place. The Gen Mo’Kai were close to defeat, when word of their plight reached the outside worlds. Soon, combatants from far and wide were travelling to the planet to take sides in this forgotten conflict. Soon, the planet became a focus for the Unreal Tournaments, and the deadly battle has continued through the ages, in a constant state of deadlock. There is no longer good, nor evil. Just eternal war.
    Comments: Small/Medium Warfare map with lots of trees placed around for sneaking, sniping, ambushing, and annoying the enemy team. Bots work, but don't go everywhere. Looking for feedback on vehicles, link setup etc.

    Credits: Epic

    look good you new map
    download now!!!!!!!!!!!


      the download is terrible!!
      there are also mediafire, filefront and co


        I got 200 - 400 KB/sec. Not blazing fast, but by no means terrible. It still only took me 1 minute. Regardless, Filefront is free and most people prefer it.

        The screen shots look really nice! I'll check it out more in depth later on.


          Ya really, the screenshots are looking good. Nice Sky!


            Thanks guys, looking forward to some feedback.

            I've also added a filefront mirror for anyone having trouble downloading.


              Anyone had time to give it a whirl? :S


                It is looking very polished already.

                Two things annoyed me a little though. One spawn point you always spawn facing a wall and a manta needs to be turned round 180 degrees. Plus an extra one at each prime node would be good.
                Vehicles in general seem to be placed a little randomly rather than parked.

                Beautiful work


                  Looking nice

                  few small things

                  this floating 'Slab' you fall though when you land on it - same both sides off map theres a few

                  couple off rock faces that end before the bottom off map

                  these Pillars could do with finishing to the bottom of map too! you can get right underneath them and see straight through them

                  Great to see a good looking map thats under 30MB

                  Plus with all the little hiding places could do with some ammo pickups ring belts,boots etc

                  Also shealth bender instead of normal bender and maybe a eradicator at the base.

                  this is almost ready to go on r Warfare server - get it a little more polished and I'll get it uploaded m8


                    Ok I gave it a go through, sorry for the delay been very busy. Anyways I'll post the pics I have first then go on afterwards.

                    Continued in another Thread due to only allowing 9 images.



                      Ok now that is out of the way I'm not gonna explain the pics they have it explained on them. Anyways...

                      The only thing other than the pics that bothered me was the huge door behind the primes, there is no building attached to it, it just looks out of place. I say make a small building there so it looks like it houses something. Just looks weird being a big door with steps.

                      I like the feel of the map, When I spawned I thought it was just a remake of Corruption but was happy to see it wasn't. As far as vehicles I think they are fine the way they are. I like how the pagoda around the center node blocks firing from up on top of the hill, other than getting on the rock on blue side it makes you go down and fight for it, and also provides cover for those down there building it. So thats definitely a +. I like the look of it so far and if you fix the issues above it would be a lot more polished and I would say making it a tad bit darker you would be set to go.

                      Its coming along nicely, Good Job keep it up can't wait to see the finished product.