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WAR-FullWormGarden_Beta3 (PC)

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    WAR-FullWormGarden_Beta3 (PC)

    Author : Sanch3z
    Version : Beta 3
    PC patch 2.0
    Final version estimate 4/09
    Description : Somewhat large sized map with a swampy/forest Necris temple theme. Not a remake map the nodes are in a series of pyramids but there is as much outdoor play as inside. . Designed for play with the ONS 2.0 gametype which will give you different weapons that replace the bio rifle(s) and sniper rifle but will play fine in Warfare gametype.
    3 node link setups (ONSalt not shown):

    *default: Warfare, linear setup with 3 nodes, 1 countdown node

    *ONS: dual primary, 6 nodes

    *ONSalt: dual primary, has short and long routes to enemy core

    changes from beta2:

    * added ONSalt node link setup

    * fixed a bug or two

    * more decorating, more pickups

    * In default (Warfare) node link setup: the Godlike node is a countdown node. Holding this node for 60 seconds takes you to a cut scene showing the "god" statue at either core damaging the core. Kismet spam FTW!

    * increased overall light brightness even more.

    Inspiration from movies/music:
    Apocalypto, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, Conan the Barbarian. KMFDM, Skinny Puppy, Nine Inch Nails.

    Thanks to T5K Nomadicus and everyone at GOW for their bug hunting.


    Not an ONS map? Has everything gone topsy-turvy? It looks really nice! Good work.

    What's the inspiration for the name?


      from picts the apocalypto influence jump to my eyes immediatly ; that lighting look so pro;looks awesome....i never play war but i cant resist to visit this map......D/L

      thx for ur work

      ..... what a bad idea to have watch that video ! i must change my pants (interressant band thx for link )


        thanks Blitz, heres an odd coincidence, if you like the band, KMFDM, they just released a new album titled "Blitz".


          Finally a original map for Warfare not some ONS conversion :>


            lol...thx for link...will listen


              Nice one! Sanch3z you have a "WAR-map-factory" somewhere?
              Really, Epic should pay you for your effort!


                Originally posted by Cosmix View Post
                Nice one! Sanch3z you have a "WAR-map-factory" somewhere?
                Really, Epic should pay you for your effort!
                lol yeah he is right


                  Thanks, no map factory, just alot of time on my hands due to the crappy economy and being laid off of work until someone wants to build a real castle.


                    well...dunno how to say that....i have play quite 1.30 hours long...warfare...
                    lethal organisation of the map with a natural gameplay.....i was always a poor bad player on stock warfare maps when i played the solomode (monster asskicks in warfare and big victorys in dm/tdm...thx i have win all the

                    ...and visually all is nice except all was too dark for me....i like darkness but here was sometime hard to know how many opponents i was facing around the cores
                    i wasnt "comfortable" while watching the s not a perfect sphere it look deformed

                    excellent theme;athmosphere and visuals....a keeper map for me

                    cant wait the final


                      Very nice map! I like climate of it; however, It's a little bit too dark. Especially inside the temples. Maybe some brighter or less patchy textures on the inner walls?

                      I'd suggest also adding more flying and walking vehicles
                      And if you do that - another suggestion - raise the 'ceiling' of the map. Right now it seems impossible to fly over the tops of the temples. Which would be great places for goodies like redeemer, shield belt, or just sniper positions.


                        beta2 up in first post


                          beta3 up in first post, this is probably the last beta. Final version in 6.5 weeks. There may be some titan stuff in the final if the cooking titan content bug is fixed by then.


                            very cool looking map, man. Played version beta3c tonight (on server). Anyway, it is SWEET. I happened to be the only human playing at the time. When countdown "godlike" node finished, cut-scene plays and is SUPER COOL !! However, after it ends, I don't get to view my player it doesn't return me to my original view from my player. If I suicide and respawn, it works fine. Did I miss something?

                            did I mention the map and "godlike" cut-scene are very sweet ?!?!


                              thanks Roy.... you can also hit "q" to get out of the cutscene. The cutscene worked fine in instant action but not online... I'm trying to figure out what the problem is.