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Dm-Island [pics and download]

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    Dm-Island [pics and download]

    Moved to final release

    Perty map.


      WOW....impressive picts...D/L...
      thx for ur work diesalot m8 ...looks awesome


        thanks guys.
        let me know what you think.


          Look very nice

          Dwn link doesn't work ??


            Did you click where it says Island.rar next to the gear looking thing.

            I will check it out? thanks for the info m8.


              It's ok now

              ****, how come the file as only 7 MB ??? Dude, that's high compression lol


                d/l it right now !


                  God I miss making maps!

                  Looks really nice matey


                    Will check out the map soon. You might want a more creative name than "island". In addition, there is a map called "DM-Islands"


                      Wow! Your map is really.. really nice! I have one suggestion about the palms. The leafs looks too fluffy or patulous (sorry I cant find the correct word in english). So the leafed part of palm is too spheric. I suggest to make the leafs more "hanging-down". Maybe... but its only my oppinion. Carry on - you are doing fine work. Good luck! Looking forward the full release!


                        @ odege...i know m8 but its still beta so I will come up with something


                          I will surely have the chance to play the map tonight.

                          As for the name, DM-IslandSomething should be enough


                          Played with 9 bots & it was very good

                          I found some issues or things that you might consider look at :


                          When you take the Link gun, going forward, on the tiny island you can see a odd grass rendering (blue). Also, the rock ahead (yellow) are to abrupt so your limited to go only to your right because double jump don't work. It force the action to be near the udamage / Shock gun. TBH, I would place a small armor there like the helmet or tights and place the Link in another spot & lower the terrain for a better flow.

                          [screenshot][/screenshot] [screenshot][/screenshot]

                          I saw plenty of grass that aren't aligned properly with the terrain, these are examples.


                          Under the waterfall, there is a huge space between the rocks & the waterfall which make it look unrealistic. I suggest you move the edge of the water fall much closer to the rock so it look more natural.


                          Here the terrain need to be a bit more polished since I collide here & there on rocks. Also, notice that almost all your weapons base / ammo are floating. I use some flat rocks beneath the items in my map so it look better & natural.


                          When you reach the end of the terrain all around the map, if you fall, you die. Still, there is nothing to warn you ? You may want to add a wooden fence all around the place where the player can fall so it will add something nice visually & would be logical that the player can't fall. You can add blocking volume to.

                          It would be cool if you add more armor in your map. You have plenty of space / spots to add more items.

                          It would be even cooler if we can get some height by going up on the mountain to collect something (redeemer, etc). Or even some tall rocks you can reach easily so you can add more z-axis fights.

                          I also suggest you add some piles of rocks on the "roads" because cover is rather absent & dying by a sniper is rather frustrating.

                          In all, it's a very nice start.


                            I played a long round of the map and here are my thoughts...

                            1. The layout is nice, but rather flat in a lot of places and it feels a bit "big" for DM. It would be nice if there some more z-fighting opportunities. Maybe add in some wooden walkways that rise above the ground?

                            2. I would set up all plants to not have any collision. While I didn't find one that would block the player, there are enough that block weapon fire, which normally shouldn't happen.

                            3. You have numerous weapon bases floating above the ground (which I essentially blame Epic), but it looks odd and I would try to eliminate this (I had to deal with the same thing in DM-Tomac )

                            4. The rock meshes you are using along the beach (not in the playble area), look way too bright, almost like it's gold reflecting a bright light. There are other areas (mainly rocks) that also look to bright.

                            I noticed you are using 3 directional light actors. You should be able to get away with one and use a skylight with a very low brightness to fill in the dark areas. Visually, the map is nice, but a bit too bright in some places.

                            5. If you crouch and walk into a rock (staticmeshactor_107) near your stinger base, you can see into the rock. This has to do with the collision box getting messed up when you resize it. There is a tutorial explaining how to duplicate a static mesh into your package, then you can just enable per poly collisionon it.

                            6. I saw some plants (staticmeshactor_296) sticking into rocks and some of the grass is growning out of rocks.

                            7. The bridge (that has water running under it) isn't really placed in the ground, it looks like it's floating.

                            Also, why did you use blocking volumes for the same bridges? Being a footstep sound freak, I was hoping to hear the wood-based footstep sounds, but I didn't.

                            8. It would be nice to have a better exit (it's a bit tricky jumping up the ledge) in the link gun area (near player start 10).

                            9. StaticMeshActor_143 is a bit too high and you can see the bottom of the mesh above the ground. To be safe, you might want to check to make sure similar rock meshes aren't like this.

                            10. I am not a big fan of deco layers and such as you have very little control . There is a lot of grass that is sticking through other plants/rocks. Some of them are slightly floating on the ground or stick out when half of it is in the ground and the other half is sticking in the air. In addition, when they appear right before you eyes, it hurts the beleivibility of the map.

                            I pesonally would get rid of them and just use static meshes and place them according. I know you have already done the work, but I think it would really help your map look more beleivable. I don't suggest this lightly as I have placed them in DM-Tomac, so I know what it takes.

                            11. You can "erase" more of the terrain that the player will never see, which should help with increasing the FPS. While I didn't experience any really bad lags, with a open map like this, every little bit helps.

                            In addition, think about using some of the rock meshes that are missing the back side of them in places where the player won't see it. This should also help cut down on the static mesh polys too.


                              Big thanks to steve and odege.

                              Ive been looking at this so long im kinda lost.

                              I better get back to work.