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Earth Temple beta (remake)

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    Earth Temple beta (remake)

    Name: Earth Temple
    Version: beta
    Compatibility: PC
    Description: Remake of the original from the N64 shooter Turok Rage wars.

    Credits: Me?

    For any of those interested this is the original from Turok Rage wars (not my video)

    One major difference in mine and the original is the floating rock in the air (ooooo!). Ride the red beams to power ups. Just be careful when you do, take it easy or you'll bounce off the dragon and fall away! It is slightly harder to get into the beam that leads to the invisibility. You need to hold the jump button to go up. And if you fall you can fall into the bottom red beams which minimize the damage.

    In the crystal tunnels I've left one tunnel without the glows on purpose. Do you like the glows? Do you prefer the non glowy tunnel? Do you prefer one glowing and one not?

    Thanks to Plugh for hosting my level, putting up with having to help with level problems, and ofc Plugh (again) and ThePop! for helping with lots of testing.

    Oh.. my first map too. Anyone wants to cook the beta for PS3, go ahead and give me link so I can post here.

    download now waiting a long time for this


      Ooh, dragons!


        Dragons! EXCELLENT! This map plays quite nicely. Good work so far



          That looks i dunno........ AWESOME! I Love dragons so this is a must Have, but how do you cook something if its with a program then i want to try =)