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    UT2D-Face_DazJW_Beta1 by DazJW

    These two outposts survived after an explosion following a reactor leak caused a significent fragment of Matheson IV to break away and drift into space.

    UT2D-Face_DazJW_Beta1 is a map for the mod UT2D, which converts Unreal Tournament 3 into a side scrolling shooter, and is generally based on CTF-Face.
    Beta1 is designed for use with UT2D 2.0.

    Feedback regarding what pickups are/should be available is welcome, also on whether I should add a second path through the middle (possibly an "underground" route). I've left the towers as bare BSP for now incase I end up changing them, as it'll save me redoing any static meshing aswell.

    Each tower has an armour vest, health pack, Shock Rifle, Stinger and a flag (in CTF). You can double jump up the individual layers of the towers, or go out the back way and use the Jump Pad to get straight to the top (or use the Translocator in CTF). There are two Stinger ammo packs behind each tower and two Shock Rifle ammo packs in front of each tower. As you progress towards the centre there is a Flak Cannon at about half-way followed by ammo for it either side of the middle. Right on the middle is a Mega Health.

    Download Links
    PC Download