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    Bug Fixes

    WOW! This is really a great map! I haven't seen any maps from you before so I am guessing this is your first. For a first map this is really great - and it's still in alpha! The visuals (especialy the new waterfall) are really nice and the gameplay is great. I'm gonna watch this one!

    Onto the bugs (I know this is a Alpha, but there are a large amount of bugs that can be easily squashed!):

    General bugs:
    -The level's lighting is really dark in some places. All the level needs is a low power skylight to make sure the shadows are softened (or just point lights to make sure they aren't dark). Several times I found myself in a pitch-black room.
    -The traintracks have strange collision. (Check it out in the editor).
    -The underground sewers area is cool, but kinda wrecks the gameplay as it is a dead end. Or are you planing to add more onto this to keep the flow?

    -One of the "vents" in the underground sewers is unacessable. Is there a reason for this? If not, you might want to block it off.

    -The underground sewers needs more detail.
    -One end of the train track (up top) is just a big drop. Are you going to add to this?
    -The terrain outside is really triangular and bumpy. You might want to smooth this with the "smooth" terrain tool.
    -The room with lots of holograms and the purple and red lighting has meshes on the floor that you can get caught on.
    -The water on the bottom floor needs some work. It looks a bit stretched and because there area is dark, it looks out of place.
    -Some of the BSP areas have problems were the BSP touches, the lighting is strange. You can see the "seams".

    -(IMO) You should raise some of the ground near the railway tracks as you cannot jump back up onto the platform unless you jump onto certain elevated objects which is quite frustrating.
    -On the right of the stairs going down to the lower platform with the waterfall and the water, there is a space between the wall and the train. You should place a blocking volume here, add some meshes to fill it, move the train track, or add onto the area, as it is a dead end and provides no use to the player.


      looks did i miss this one???? +.+
      but.....cant DL the map....the link drives me to filefront s main page

      or"Downloads - Server maintenance is currently underway. Some files may be unavailable during this time. We apologize for the inconvenience. "


        Hi! Sorry for such a long time of silence.
        A new version of map (alpha070) will be aviable today (hour 18 at GMT+1).
        Just keep waiting.
        I haven't fixed collision and light yet(but I promise that I will, if not in this aplha then in the next one), but i unlocked the section you all could not go into-it was temporary corridors out then, now it's more like a part of the whole map.


          Oh, the file got to upload a bit, so It will take half an hour more.
          There is one, brand new area which was blocked last time by invisible walls.
          Don't be scared to jump into a black hole-I just haven't time for making areas between parts of map, so it's a jump into a pitch black area, but when u will land u will see lights.
          BTW next alpha (071) Will be there in two/three weeks, so please, have fun online
          I'll be hosting a serv only with trainplace.

          You have to click "pobierz plik", this is the big magneta/pink button two times, then your download will begin

          And BTW2, TrainPlace is not my first map. My very first map was VCTF-MicroCarnage.


            A bit of Update:

            I'm finally FIXING the collision. The fix will take me some time and fun
            After testing the map with titan mutator I've realised that it's so fun that I have to do something about it. So I'm optimalising the collison for titans also
            (behemoths are 2 big 2 fit in some areas).

            Another thing-I've recently moved to Windows 7 RC. And I can't cook any map, can't test my map in editor, I hope Epic can do somthing about it In 2.2 for example.

            I've watched greed tutorial on youtube, and-with the greed maps being unsimetrical I can make my map greed-able just when I can. This makes me wonder-can I make a one-file-map that will have DM and CTF compatiblity at the same time?


              great map a bit too dark too my tast like the music thou
              bot bots work good except when ther have too shoot some grates too get some power up


                Hi again
                Today is a day for a new alpha. I'd like to post a little list of
                what is done:
                -fix to rail collision.
                -fix to rail area collision.
                *new area added, increases flow in sewers.
                *added some plants in "park" area. Still, they aren't perfect.
                -fixed collision in a lot of places to make the map playable with titan mutator.
                *added lots of pickups.

                To do:
                +Broken Floor colision-really it's crazy.
                +collision of wood in rail area.

                Also I'd like to post a picture of the real place that I got inspired by:

                And, also a new screen.

                The alpha 071 Download Mirrors
                Mirror 1
                Mirror 2
                Mirror 3

                Video of the Map


                  hi duobix

                  first i like the potential of the map and the "construction"
                  here s my feeling:

                  -the water on the rails :it look totally not real water (color & transparence) and the waterfall from the pipe doesnt look natural ; it s falling on "rocks & debris" with no particules of waters ; like oil can do; and the scaling of the waterfall look weird
                  and to finish with the water the flow is from left to right and the water fall on the right??

                  -the lighting is weird ; cant really explain why but in some places too much contrast and in some corridors no contrasts at all with the use of lighcone(fogcones)...normally thoses cones show a concentrated lighting under the cones ; here u use them with all the cooridor on same lighting...
                  too dark in some places and i suggest you to set a skylight on a light value to be sure that no place is completly "black"

                  -i like all those boxes with all thoses jumpads but only for the excercice and it look a little upside down to my eyes and dont really give something interressant to the gameplay....but was fun haha^^

                  -the rail are too high from the ground; need to add more stones(gravels)it not pleasant u can jump out of that trap except at the extremities

                  -several collisions issues on the ground in many places ; get stuck ;blocked ;mooved ...lot of work here

                  -big big fps drop downs in several places !!

                  - the music is fun ;remind me apocalyptica or something like that but for peeps that dislike it s....nah they can turn volume down

                  thx for ur work mate and i m sure that this map will kick *** ...keep it up


                    You get bonus points from me since you are using Bioshock as an inspiration. I like the shots. I looked at the ones from FileFront (couldn't see ones well on ImageShack; boo to imageshack). On FileFront pic 5 really looks like you got the the inspiration from BS. Congrats. Look forward to the map.

                    As other have said its real dark. But then BS is too but its not quite that dark.

                    I am giving you the following link as it has some real good poster images from the game itself. So thought you might want to use them to give it that extra BS look. I am going to make a level inspired from the game as well so I thought they were cool when I saw them.

                    Bioshock Poster Images <-- (they are about mid-way down on the page)


                      Hey, this is coming along great! The new pic looks really nice! I'll try to get to play this when I can. If collision becomes a problem you can always do it manually (useful for when the provided collision is rubbish):

                      1.Turn collision off on the mesh (except weapons).
                      2. Use a blocking volume around the mesh, making sure it covers all of the mesh, and overlaps a tiny bit so you cannot "see inside".

                      This works well for floors and walls, although is time consuming on more complex meshes. In the case of your floors this will work well.

                      As I said before, this is really coming along well and is looking great! I can see the amount of work and detial that has gone into this. Well done!


                        Originally posted by Stuey95 View Post
                        If collision becomes a problem you can always do it manually (useful for when the provided collision is rubbish):

                        1.Turn collision off on the mesh (except weapons).
                        2. Use a blocking volume around the mesh, making sure it covers all of the mesh, and overlaps a tiny bit so you cannot "see inside".
                        I use both methods since the very first alpha (001), bu TY ;]

                        What am I doing with the map now?
                        I'm going to add some kismet to it so for example you'll be able to turn some more lights on.

                        ALSO! I need some old ads (30s, 40s like style), I would be really happy if you would actually find some.