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VCTF-Towering Towers *beta 0.9* pc download *updated*

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    Originally posted by benbearuk View Post
    well based off your suggestions i have made some changes to the layout of some things. i left the lower bit uncovered since i put a scorpions down there and it allowed them to move about easier. i didnt include the raptor since i was having troubles with sorting out the limits in which it can go. hopefully stuff is better now if theres anything else let me know.

    heres a link to the download the front post will be changed as well.

    Wow, that was quick man!
    I'll be sure to give it a re-run tomorrow.
    Thanks for all your hard work.


      it was hardly a difficult thing to move stuff round and rebuild, since the only things that have really moved around are the weapons and vehicles it doesnt mean moving alot.

      and TAW_GuitarSlim, thank you it makes doing the maps so worth while when people say that.


        Originally posted by benbearuk View Post
        thankyou so much for that feedback its so refreshing getting someone giving good constructive critisims and then says how to improve it. the amount of times ive had people just put "it needs more stuff in it" or things like that which whilst it highlights the problem doesnt really help me in any way in working out how to make it better. ill be trying to add some of your suggestions in and ill put a newer version on to see if its any better.
        Yes, I'm sorry to have posted and run without adding anything substantial. My suggestion is to add more cover. The problem as I see it is that the entire map is open and exposed to fire from above. Especially the midair, Dr. Seuss looking pathways. I would stand on one of those towers and shock tape people until they either die right there or fall to their deaths. Players need to be able to hide behind something so they aren't constantly vulnerable to long distance fire. Of course, it may be better for gameplay to have some areas that are extremely exposed, and therefore are a risk to go through. Like the very center section of one of those walkways. But this isn't something I can decide for you.

        Ways you could add cover are simple. Perhaps have meshes surround the walkway in places, or just have meshes that stand as a column here and there that will only provide cover from one direction. You could also add some meshes on top of the towers so there's something to hide behind for protection from enemy snipers. As it is every tower has line of sight to every tower, with no cover at all. That makes it very very risky, and perhaps even annoying to snipe.

        I agree that this map is very unique and interesting, and has a ton of potential. Nice work.


          I played the next version and have a few quick things to re-add, along with what bclagge said.

          Firstly, a few glitches. If you go to where the Mantas are, you'll see that on the Blue Side, the Ammo for the Flak Cannon is floating. Make sure you bring that to the ground. Also, the entire area where the Manta spawns is really glitchy and stuttery. When I walk around there, my screen starts shuttering, like I'm walking on a bumpy area or something.

          I don't think I said this earlier, but right now, the Blue side has an advantage. The Bio Rifle, Flak Cannon, and Health Keg pick-ups are all either on their side, or closest to their sides. What I would do is this: replicate the Health Keg area stick-out part on the Red Side, but make sure that it's opposite the other one. So if one Keg spawn is on the left side of the map, the other should be on the right side, and both should each be closest to their friendly base. As for the Bio and Flak, I would just put BOTH pickups on BOTH sides. So that would mean that Red has a Bio and Flak on their ground sides, and so does Blue.

          Another problem I'm seeing now is going to be spawn-killing with the Manta. Because most players are going to be spawned right on the flag next to the Shock, the Manta is going to get annoying. What you could do, is take the Shock Rifle and the ammo for it, and place it behind the flag, on the back ledge where all of the vials are. Maybe put it on the back ledge, and have players be able to spawn there on the sides of the Shock Rifle safely?

          Other than those few things, everything looks good. There isn't much ammo, but I think for a wide-open map like this, that will become a good thing. One side has the Stinger closest, and the other the Link, but that will even out because of vehicle healing.

          Only other thing I can suggest is adding more cover, like bclagge explained, and maybe some more pickups, like Body Armor or a Helmet, and some more vials. There are also no 25 health packs, maybe place one or two of them on each corner of the ground floor.


            right heres a newer version with the following extras:

            - more cover against the higher vantage points
            - more pickups and better weapon placement
            - shields over the flag area so it cant be shot into
            - jumpads between platforms have been altered so you can move whilst in the air
            - problems with floating ammo and uneven ground fixed (hopefully)

            theres a link here and on the starting post


              Nice, I'll check it out when I have more time. A quick suggestion about screenshots: You want to remove everything from your view so just the map can be seen, unless you have a specific reason otherwise. Go into your settings and change weapons hand to "hidden." Then when in game, open the console by pressing TAB and type in "showhud". You can reverse it by repeating the command. Also, don't get on the hoverboard. One last thing, type "ghost" in the console and you can fly around the map. This enables you to take shots from anywhere, instead of just where you're standing.