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VCTF-CelestialV4[Beta 4][PC][PICS][Now with new patch]

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    VCTF-CelestialV4[Beta 4][PC][PICS][Now with new patch]


    Version:Beta 3

    Compatibility:UT3 Patch 4

    Description:In a solar system far away, nothing is what it seems, there are many things that catch your eye with their unique colours on this moon, remember, something doesnt belong.

    Comments:This is a newely finished map that is ready for release, i decided to release it along side Absent, for no particular reason.


    These are of V1

    New pic of V4

    Credits:Myself and Epic Games



    Updates since beta 1:

    -Changed some materials a teeny but
    -Added some more mushroom sof variou scolour sindicating different powerups
    -Added ammo to main field
    -Shortened grass so you can see over it
    -Moved the crystals and other meshes that were getting in the way of flag runs
    -Widend the cave snow, not by much much enough for you to be able to move smoother through them.
    -Moved the weapon lockers to the main floor of the base, and added 1 more to each base
    -Fixed the floating mushrooms/pickups and such
    -Fixed some collison on some meshes
    -Tried to my best extent at smoothening ou tthe pathways of the bases, they're much more smooth but still have some issues and small spots that cant be fixed because of the mesh i used

    Updates since beta 2:

    -Added some air control to the jumpads
    -Changed the mines/sc to sv/emp
    -Added minmap, its alittle off but its the best i can do.

    Update sonce beta 3:
    -Added tunnel from inside manta tunnel leading to bender, added boots in there
    -Added more Medium Healths around th emap
    -Replaced the 'Hiding" spot's keg with medium health, made it so you drop the flag if you have it
    -Replaced EMP with...XRAYVOLUME!
    -Removed stinger from lockers and moved it to walkway above manta
    -A few other tweaks and aesthetic changes
    -Swapped the keg and deemer around

    Oops, the link is just uploading atm, i didnt mean to click submit hehe...

    EDIT: Sorry for the little mishap, ive updated the first post with the link.


      look good this map


        Wow, looks really gorgeous.
        I'll be sure to test it along with Absent.


          Thanks for the comments i forgot to mention that this is all custom materials.


            Very interesting

            ****, another one, you never stop dude !

            Will try it tonight.


              Looks awesome. It's up on the Hedsteem's VCTF server.

              Will report any bugs.


                Beutiful absolutly beutiful.


                  Thanks for the great compliments everyone


                    Ive went through this in about 5-10 minutes today before I went to sleep, found a couple of things, won't go in depth but would post some stuff i thought...

                    I thought the overall look of the map was nice. The lighting was done well I think, the weeds in the middle where the KEG is i think could be shorter IMO, but thats just my opinion. Though the one thing that bugged me as stated in the pictures above is how there is no room to run the flag out of there. There is I'd say 5 ways out, 2 need boots to do, and the three tunnels are all very closed spaces with little room to Duke it out with people chasing you. All they need to do is throw some rox down the tunnels and boom flag carrier is dead. Will be hard to run flags. You could circumvent this by making them wider, I'd say make 2 of them wider and one narrow.

                    Also as mentioned above the spawn points are right above the flag, people will just stand up there and combo the flag carriers one after another. If i get more time I'll post more on this map, Other than those things I like the way it looks, and love the vehicles that are in it, nothing overpowered but the bender. Reminds me of Defection but in a funky sorta way.


                      Thanks ill check these out, i could try making another spot for the flag and see how well that plays out, and i dont intend on changing the width of the tunnel but ill try it out and see, i can alos add more tunnels and see how that plays out an dill fix the rest of the things you sugested.


                        I haven't played the map yet, but major props for making it a color other than gunmetal grey.


                          Thanks, im currently trying to fix up all the stuff oldskool has sugested, righ tnow i have...

                          1. Moved the weapon lockers from the flag spawn area so instead of them right on the cliff, you hav eto jump down to access them so no camping (unless you feel compelled to camp with the enforcer lol)

                          2. Shortened the grass atad so you can see over it abit

                          3. Moved the crystals accordingly aswell as fixed the collision issues

                          4. I am almost done widening the caves, they wont be that much wider but enough for you to tell they were widened



                            Play your map & it's very original. Still, I have mixed thoughts about it.

                            I like the atmosphere & the open aspect of the map, also the soft blueish colors you use.

                            Still, playing with bots is not fun at all (for me) Maybe with humans it is a much better experience but since I play offline, I don't know. I mean, they're completely useless with the vehicles staying in the middle of the map which I don't understand why since I give the order to protect me. I also found a lot of stuff in the middle of the map that I was colliding. Bots also colliding here & there in the corridors while driving the vehicles. The terrain is also very abrupt at some spot so I use my overboard 100% of the time. TBH, I think it's much suitable for CTF rather than VCTF.

                            Others things :

                            The grass is IMO, way to high. Even inside a vehicle, I drive completely blindly. I would make it lower, at least to ±60% :


                            Lot's of the weapon lockers, mushrooms & other stuff are floating. You can see here a huge space between the items & the ground :


                            Behind the scorpion, you can see a big space at the rocks bottom instead of going to the ground. It is intended ?


                            In all, it's a nice map


                              Thanks for the feedback i have already lowered the grass and did some changes listed above. Ill check out why the bots are colliding with stuff and ill try to get them to use the vehicles better. And ofcourse, i wont forget to fix the floating meshes and such. And ill smoothen out the terrain more.