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DM-WoodRun Final [update 12/12/09]

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    Originally posted by [FnG]Bawsy View Post
    1. It's too dark. Way too dark, and consistently dark.
    2. I am not a fan of the big box blocking the upper walkway (linking where you can drop down onto the berserk, and the sniper rifle). It would be better if that was removed, allowing 2 ways up to the sniper rifle. Should make camping up above a bit harder to do.
    3. The lift is too basic - its just a floating piece of wood. Some indication of its mechanism would be good.
    1-I work on the lighting, it's more bright now.
    2-I have add another jumpad near the stinger who leads to the upper catway and the sniper. but I will remove this wood box too.
    3-of course, it's not the final one, I will work on it too.

    Thx for your comments and support, I appreciate


      Screenshots updated on the first post


        Look much more polished Seb

        ****, I wish I can play it


          nice picts smell "final"


            looking nice, Sebastian....


              Well, I did play it even if it's not really fun since I'm playing with a old video card but I wanted to test it out anyway so...

              I like very much what you did in this version in all

              You done a good job on the ceiling to

              Only thing, pretty much all the fence doesn't have collision so you can pass trough so you might check that.

              Except that, good job


                Originally posted by stevelois View Post
                Only thing, pretty much all the fence doesn't have collision so you can pass trough so you might check that.
                Yeah I have fixed that on the version I working on

                Thx to alls for your nice words


                  New version

                  I have worked on the atmosphere of the map with reworking all the lighting.
                  Some decos stuffs have been added too.
                  New skydome.

                  Updated pics :


                    New pics look **** nice

                    Will try it out shortly


                      wow wow

                      u put it higher each new beta:

                      visually i like all the map ;and the gameplay is fantastic...nice sky btw

                      i played it with 12 bots ,titan and dodge jump....was nice and gg
                      i played in in 1v1 and i had the feeling of a heath amps profusion

                      the jumpad on that box: first i was very dubitative on it, what use and what "+" to the gameplay ; in my habitual flying monkey style i finally found severals ways to use it ; so it isnt necessary to the gameplay imho but it add a little flying option and some nice & fast mooves in that zone, very pleasant
                      the little water add is nice(i saw something like that but cant remember where....)

                      my friend this map is for me a lesson of gameplay , lighting, meshing and textures choices...thx for ur excellent work...cant wait to add the final on server


                        Played 3on3 and it's really fun

                        I didn't really founds some bugs but only things I'm wondering...

                        I was able to go through that wood fence, it lead to another room below. The other entrance/exit is also available since you can pass trough the meshes.


                        That jump pad placement look really wierd, specially with the control in your face...


                        There is a RL ammo there behind the jump pad ? Don't see his purpose, ho well, maybe you forget to remove it ?


                        You really push that map my Seb, everything as turned really nice. I really like the lighting, sounds & the mesh you choose, everything blend well together It's by far better than the previous version I played ! I really the layout change you made & everything you made, great work



                          I absolutely LOVE this map!

                          However, IMO (of course - who's else would it be?) there are 2 problems with it.

                          1) There are now too many ways of getting up to the sniper. I counted 4 consisting of 3 pads, and the lift. I think 2 of the pads are just not needed. The one Stevelois mentioned (sitting right in front of some control panel that you have to jump on to and it sends you flying diagonally), and the other one on a box below the berserk. Overkill.

                          2) The lift is still a floating piece of wood. It works by magic I assume?

                          If Im being honest, I have never been overly comfortable with maps that mix jumppads & lifts. Perhaps that final jumppad should also be a lift (although I guess in the grand scheme of things it is not something you should worry over).

                          Bawsy oot.


                            @Bl!tz : Thx for the nice words bro

                            @Steve : Thx for this comments

                            -As for the jumpad, yeah it's looks a bit weird cause the command but love it's place...
                            -As for the wood fences, no blocking volume actually because I think to use the room who it lead as you have probably seen if you have pass through it lol.
                            -As for the rocket ammo, yes it's not intentionnal lol, thx !

                            @Bawsy : Thx too

                            Yeah you have probably right, jumpads are not really fit with the theme. However, I love the mix of differents kind of movements on a map. But I will try to remove its, and just put another lift to lead the berserk ok.

                            And don't worry, I will make a real lift in future, but not before be sure of the complete layout since you all guys make me change stuffs every time lool. I joke of course, all yours suggestions are very helpfull, thx for your support guys


                              Any chance of a new download link for this please.


                                Originally posted by TIPPER View Post
                                Any chance of a new download link for this please.
                                yep, asap !

                                thx for your interest