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WAR-UGL-DryIce [Pic][Beta3][29-Jan-2009]

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    I dont think its possible to be any more true to the original than this is Great map with great fps that played without a hiccup 12 v 12..

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  • started a topic WAR-UGL-DryIce [Pic][Beta3][29-Jan-2009]

    WAR-UGL-DryIce [Pic][Beta3][29-Jan-2009]

    Version: Beta3
    Compatibility: UT3 Patch V1.3
    Description: UT2004 to UT3 port of ONS-DryIce for UGL
    ONS-DryIce originally created by Michael -Kodiak- Joy (Stephen "Piglet" C-E created a 32 player version).

    This map requires fairly large teams (i.e., 8v8 or more) and therefore, the likelihood of it being played in competition is is small. Regardless, this is one of my favorite ONS maps and hence, with Kodiak's permission, I am converting it.

    WAR-UGL-DryIce is part of a series of warfare maps that attempts to bring the best of the best competitive UT2004 onslaught to UT3. The goal is not always visual aesthetics, but rather a series of maps that are fun to play on public servers as well as the more serious private match servers.


    • Michael -Kodiak- Joy (32player enhancement by Stephen "Piglet" C-E)
    • UT2004 to UT3 conversion software - Hyperion / Solarsys
    • Onslaught UT2004 to UT3 conversion software - Nomadicus
    • Gods of Warfare clan for hosting this map at the 24-Jan-2009 ONS2.0 party and their feedback.
    • T5K clan for all their feedback and willingness to test this map!
    Homepage: and
    Download: and Readme.txt