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DM-HellsGate [beta 01]

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    DM-HellsGate [beta 01]

    Name: DM-HellsGate_beta01
    Version: beta 01
    Compatibility: v1.3
    Description: None yet
    Comments: remake of Q3Tourney3.

    It's final now:


    Download: check the new thread at

    Have fun!

    Cool, love your previous remake,you are on my list, I D/L it right now and take a look


      From the screenshots I can see some great use of the classic very effective red and blue color scheme. Might check it out ingame later.


        Just played it and I must congratulate you, this is one awsome map. Love the style of this map, you've taken the best of Quake and Unreal and fused em together with a little bit of next gen flair.

        PS. This is a really good map to take screenshots of characters, the lighting makes them look really great.


          look nice style D/L


            nice work man


              Pics look great, very stylish, a blend of old & new UT with a Quake twist


                Just played against 6 bots, very fun !
                nothing to say about the layout, it's the same and it's proof now...

                As the weapons placement,
                I just take a look to the original and I suggest to replace the SR by the RL and intervert the FC and the Bio.

                visual :
                The animated skull is really cool.
                Lighting is great.
                The general atmosphere bring by your vision of this map, the sounds and music you have put inside are just freaky !!!
                good work m8, I love it

                edit :
                Maybe put lava on the center hole, could be cool


                  one of the best "little map" i ve try....never played quake but this map rocks...nice organisation

                  ur style is fraqn nice is pure kill and the athmosphere s of the for that baby; 5 stars for me


                    Just tried it. Visuals and the layout in general are great. As for weapon placement, imo it should be closer to the original:to dominate this map you had to take control over railgun(which was the only long range weapon) so the gameplay was based on battles for the position of rail placement and if you are on the opposite side of the map u only have rocket and plasma so u are forced to find a moment for breaking distance and attack railer in close combat. All this gave the map its own style of fights etc. But you've chosen another way and counterbalanced the rail(sniper) side with shock on another. From the position of balance its the right decision but if you want to bring more pace action,the original weapon placement is a way to go. I've reccomend to swap shock with rocket,place link instead of helmet(cause if you remember there were weapons from the both side of rocket in classic version,not only from the right side) and to add 50a near the flack,this will not only make it closer to original but will also give more chances to survive against sniper while attacking for taking control over his position.


                      Well thanks for this remake it's look great


                        First, thanks everyone for your feedback.

                        The first version of this map had the weapons like the original, as well as the armors.
                        But the rockets in UT are slower then in quake, same thing for the Link Gun. This created a significant advantage for the player near the SniperRifle, so the decision of changing the weapons set and placement. (huge thanks Crayfish for your help!)

                        This setup is what came out after discussing with some mates, but the map is still in beta 'cause i'm looking for any other suggestion about it.

                        Do you think it can be improved more?


                          Fantastic remake with nice visuals. I'd give it 5 stars already, but I see that you're looking for suggestions on how to improve it.

                          The only suggestion I could make is to do something a little bit more unique with the ceiling above the sniper pickup to distinguish it more from the two areas on either side. And perhaps make the bars in front of the skeleton more like actual cell bars, thin and round instead of large rectangular chunks. Although none of these suggestions would make much of an improvement, they're just some thoughts I had while test driving the map.


                            I have play again the map in duel with a friend, the weapon placement works, even if I'm not really a fan of the ShockR and SniperR...

                            And we have got some suggestions for the visual/deco :

                            -If the animation of the skeleton is your, would be awesome if when we walk in front of the gate, the skeleton shake the gate with it's hands and playing a hell's laugh !

                            -Would be cool to have something triggered when the berserk is taken.

                            -Lava would be definitively fit the theme on the center whole of the map.

                            -Maybe add more details on the 3 ramps in the center, look a bit nude in comparaison of the rest of the map.

                            What you think about that suggestions ?


                              i njoyed playin this map in the "Lan Games" Times

                              this rox

                              the outa area looks freakin nice.
                              do somethin with the lights in the interir and itl be all good n ready to go!

                              i cant wait for final MAN!