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    Perhaps have the choices for missiles located above, below, left and right of the crosshair. Everytime you choose they could rotate clockwise or anticlockwise a random amount so you would have to quickly find and choose, to queue the missiles.


      Originally posted by Xyx View Post
      For every missile added to the launch sequence, you get a choice between four randomly generated sets of characteristics representing the "best" four ways in which that missile's chemicals could be primed. Your task is to pick the one that fits the situation best.
      I like this idea


        Oooh what if the Proton Tank didn't (at all) move it just teleported around and used the movement keys to make the "chemical mixture" or choose the right missile.

        Or is this what your talking about and I'm just really confused.


          The last post on page 1, the concept art looks more like something I'd expect from XS vehicles. I'm honestly thinking that would make for an awesome model. Now as for the firing, maybe you could turn it into a rapid-fire remote turret, simply press the spacebar while stopped to fire it with less recoil and more damage, although the armor plating should be dispersed to compensate for heat ratio. This would leave it vulnerable to other attacks. Some areas should be impervious to small-arms fire, but while deployed, it should be vulnerable, as the tank pushes its armor outwards to stabilize itself and prevent a self-destruct from overheating.


            I like the lower left model on the first picture. Perhaps the parts in the front move to the side of the vehicle to give it more stability. Or in some way they turn into an axle for the main part to be able to aim better(up and down and what not).

            As for the weapon systems:
            -First one being the heavy hitter of course. Maybe the projectile can be a bunch of small ones that group up into a big one
            -Splash damage could be a form of cool down for the vehicle. Taking it's heat and trapping it into the missile, then using that as the weapon. When it hits the heat comes out and does a splash damage.
            -Homing comes to me as borderline overpowered and worthless. If you make each one like the Avril then it's far too powerful for an air vehicle to counter you. Too weak and you become an easy target. I'd go with something like the Scorpion attack where it'll move to the target if near by. Just by a larger radius. Maybe instead of missiles it could be magnetic balls that explode on impact.
            -Invisible missiles. Could be fun? All you see is the smoke trail and explosion.
            -Healing missiles? Sounds kind of dumb though. (this is mainly meant as node healing) Something along the line of making them electrical or w/e.... Just throwing it out there.
            -Slow missile. Works like the SPAMA's camera setup. But instead slowly moves so that it cannot stay there for a long time. While it is up it helps you aim for further distances.
            -Smart missiles. Finds the best path to get where most missiles cannot. Say you shoot the slow missile, see an area where someone is hiding. The smart missiles will automatically avoid hitting things as they go for the target.


              As for how they are deployed.
              You have your four directions:
              -One being homing
              -One power
              -One splash
              -One cooling

              You can only add up to two parts. Examples:
              One homing, one power could be the "anti-air orbs" I said in my last post.
              Two power could be the group of missiles clumping into one.
              Two cooling could be the healing one I said before.
              One cooling, one Splash could be the splash one I said before.

              Adding one part would cause less heat and overall less effect:
              One power, only some missiles cluster together. This could be used to hit targets which are moving and you want to hit them hard, but not 100% on using the big one.
              One cooling could have no targeting, just shoots the missiles to get rid of the heat as quick as possible.
              One homing could add the rocket launcher's homing effect to missiles
              One splash would just give it a bigger explosion.

              Right click could reset the mixture, or pushing the other direction (S to counter W) would lower it's level so you can add that point to another type.


                I would like you to rethink the controls.
                I personally really need the ability to shoot another way than i'm driving for some tactical actions, so please give it the controls of the Goliath.
                or at least let me choose in the config menu.

                btw XS Vehicles are really good stuff, keep up the good work!


                  The final version is in the MSUC: XS Prototypes. It's a hovercraft, so yes, you can move in one direction and fire in another, though since the thing fires up it doesn't really matter which way you face.

                  The version in this thread was intentionally restricted from firing one way and driving another to distinguish it from the Goliath. Such a restriction promotes different gameplay than the usual "spam then retreat behind building" as seen in for instance VCTF-Suspense.