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WAR-DeathDome RC2

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    WAR-DeathDome RC2

    Name: WAR-DeathDome
    Version: RC2
    Compatibility: 1.3 PC
    Description: This map is a 2k4 map created by UNK-50caliber and converted over to UT3 by Nootsac and Dakilla.
    Credits: UNK-50caliber, Nootsac and Dakilla
    Homepage: GodsOfWarfare
    Download: WAR-DeathDome ( zip )


    [shot][/shot] [shot][/shot] [shot][/shot]

    Haha, I remember this map! It's a ton of fun. Nice work!


      I just got this error when downloading:

      If you are the webmaster of this site please log in to Cpanel and check the Error Logs. You will find the exact reason for this error there.
      Common reasons for this error are:
          * Incorrect file/directory permissions: Below 644.
            In order files to be read by the webserver, their permissions have to be equal or above 644. You can update file permissions with a FTP client or through cPanel's File Manager.
          * Restrictive Apache directives inside .htaccess file.
            There are two Apache directives which can cause this error - 'Deny from' and 'Options -Indexes'.
      Fortunately I think I already have RC2.


        Yeah the site is temporarily down, it should be back up in the next few days!! Sorry for any inconvenience!!