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CTF-Austere - Beta 5 - [ Pics & Download ][ Updated: 15/05/09 ]

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    Yeah, I knew the army was to keep you really busy over the months.

    But the last beta was solid & you say you where working on it & final wouldn't be far away (at the time). So I presume the map is more final than anything. It's just that I really like the map & I would be happy to add it in my top picks


      Yeah, there are a few single things that left me bugging when I sent the pre-final release to MSU, and when I get around to opening the map in-game again I might find some more glitches that need fixing. Mostly visual things though.

      EDIT: Cooking and writing a readme as of now. Hopping in soon to grab some screens.


        Final v1.1 version released. See final thread. Please post new comments there.

        Thanks for sticking with me folks!