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DM/CTF Hang em High! [RC 1]

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    DM/CTF Hang em High! [RC 1]

    Name: Hang 'Em High

    Version: Release Candidate 1

    Compatibility: Ut3 Patch 3

    Description: I feel that this is perhaps the final version of the map, however i didn't get as much feedback as i would have liked, and i'm not to confident in my skills alone to get every bug or overlooked brush work correct, so if you guys spot Anything at all that you don't agree with, please feel free to leave a comment! However, this map is solid, plays well, and is very bot friendly.
    -I pretty much set out to recreate the most geometrically perfect recreation of my favorite map from Halo CE. With the help of Halo: Custom Edition, and some wonderful modding tools, i don't think anybody will get much closer. This is just the beta, I'm looking for bugs with the AI, and also, i'm not entirely content with the way the weapons are lied out across the map. Besides, the Halo is missing. xD Any feedback would be most appreciated!

    Readme: Just toss in your "My Documents\My Games\Unreal Tournament 3\UTGame\Published\CookedPC\CustomMaps" folder.

    Hang em High and ALL the diffuse textures used here are credit of Bungie and Microsoft. They were exported from HaloCE thanks to the help of the Halo Editing Kit and the Halo Bitmap Extractor. Many of the Speculars, Bumps and detail brushes were repainted for higher quality. I had a lot of fun making the materials. Finally, the BSP Tag Converter was used to import an OBJ of the actual Hang em High into max, which was then re-exported as a static mesh and scaled appropriately in the editor to match the players height. This static mesh was used as a 3d stencil to carve out a replica of HeH as perfect as i could allow. The mesh was then deleted after completion of the map. In turn, this added a interesting twist to the map. The Unreal Guy is much more agile than the Master Chief dude, but in turn, Unreal Guy doesn't have the ability to crouch jump, so you gotta use some gracious agility to make some of the jumps that the chief could easily achieve. However, this does allow some skilled players to hop between more platforms and catwalks than the chief could accomplish, so i hope you guys have a fun time rediscovering Hang 'em High!

    - Bots now use Catwalks more often
    - UVW Mapped the Tombstones.
    - Added "Walk through the Woods" by Marty O' Donnel
    - Switched Jump Boots and Shield Belt spawn locations. This helped make the bots use the upper catwalks and balanced out a bit of game play

    - Switched equipment with Shock Rifles.
    - Switched Shock Rifles with Enforcer spawns.
    - Moved equipment closer to base
    - Added more Health Vials
    - Added blocking volumes to forbid players from using the jump boots to hop out of the map
    - Added terrain and outside scenery for the sake of looking pretty
    - Added "Heretic, Hero" and "Another Walk" to the ambient music, both are renditions based off of the original "Walk through the Woods"
    - Added Arrows to the ground, just like in the original HeH.
    - Added some small round lights around the map that i had missed.
    - Fixed some geometry around the Shot Gun bunkers to keep players from getting stuck.
    - Fixed players getting stuck in the window of the shotgun gallery. Players may now jump In or Out of the window easily.

    -Replaced the Shotgun Bunkers with Static Meshes and Blocking Volumes to prohibit the player from getting caught on any geometry
    -Fixed the blocking volumes around the windows so players no longer get stuck and run around it freely.
    -Reorganized a number of Health Vials and Path Nodes for smoother, smarter bot play.
    -Optimized the terrain outside the map
    -Added a CTF Version of the map!

    Known Issues:
    - Blood and BioGoop decals stretch over Tombstones. -This seems to be a problem with a number of static meshes, i've no ability to fix this.
    - Theres no Halo in the sky!
    - Carona in the sky is much too small

    Very Hi Res Screens:
    (( these screens are pictures of the Beta3, i will update them to pictures of the RL1 when i find more time in my day ))

    Credits: Textures: Bungie
    Some Normals, Specs, Detail Textures: Me
    Sounds and Music: Bungie
    Special thanks to Halo: Custom Edition, the Halo Editing kit, the Halo BSP Tag exporter, and the Halo Bitmap Exporter.
    Beta-Testing thanks:


    Nice >>Downloading noW!<<



      bio go look strange
      nice remake the bot work good


        Originally posted by coolcat22 View Post

        bio go look strange
        nice remake the bot work good
        Ya, blood splatters do the same thing on those.. I'm not really sure how or why.. I might have to remake the tombstones and reimport them.

        EDIT: Okay, i've checked out the tombstones, their UVW map is correct, i even unfolded it and such. I've no idea why the bio goop is doing that. The UN_Simple_Meshes box doesn't do it.. I've no idea whats going on o.O


          new update, and yay for added music!


            Looks very close to the original, will try asap


              Do you guys think the map is too small, i'm wondering if i should scale the entire thing up just a dash.


                From the screens it does look small. I remember this map being huge , you should scale it up just a little bit.



                  Originally posted by EpicJon View Post
                  From the screens it does look small. I remember this map being huge , you should scale it up just a little bit.

                  Well you need to remember that in Halo, you have only 45 degrees of FOV, making even the smallest maps look rather large. You should probably play it first and tell me what you think, cause right now the UT guy is moving about it pretty well, and i think that scaling it up would hurt his agility.


                    Looks really good.
                    Are you going to make a second version that adds more geometric detail?


                      Originally posted by danjw_net View Post
                      Looks really good.
                      Are you going to make a second version that adds more geometric detail?
                      Ya actually, Once i have this one finished and playing well, i'll use it as the foundation for a Halo3 quality remake. I wanna pretty much make the exact same map, execpt with up to date graphics and geometry, so i'll have alot of fun in photoshop and max.


                        Great! I look foward to it.


                          New Version!


                            Originally posted by coolcat22 View Post

                            bio go look strange
                            nice remake the bot work good
                            So i played UT3 today, just on some normal everyday maps, found some static meshes in Diesel and a few other maps where BioGoop fails to decal like that.. Honestly it looks like Epic's problem and not mine. >.o


                              So i've decided that HeH is completly finished, and i'm working on a CTF map soon. The final map has some minor changes, i reworked some blocking volumes to keep players from being stuck, and i've also replaced the Shotgun Bunkers with Static Meshes so their bsp wouldn't collide with the player, which was causing him to get caught on their geometry.

                              Other than that, the CTF map is working, and working well, but the bots are getting stuck in some areas, and simply being STUPID in others. once i finally get a bot to grab a flag and return home in a timely manner i'll post up the final version.