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DM-LTC_Spirit !!!ALPHA 2!!!

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    cool you're back again !
    I don't have test the last version (I just d/l it and will take a look this evening of course, it's one of the DM that I wait especially !) but just a suggestion when I see the pics :
    You know how I love this map and it's gameplay, and I love bsp build map too but think at this stage you can start to put some meshes instead of the bsp brushes.
    I only speak about the pillars of your map, can be easily replaced by the stocks steal beams, it will give a feeling more strong to your structure, what you think about that?


      Ho, he's not dead

      Will try it out tonight, I'm beginning my day at work.

      BTW, I hope to ear from you for my Station12 map, you where one of the bunch that shows me interest in the dev process


        Hey Guys

        Nice to hear from Y'all again. Im flattered that you were looking forward to this map S-Nova!

        If I had stuck with the island theme by now I would definately have more meshes in there. However, since i made such a drastic layout change I didn't want to go out Adding tons of decorations only to find the new version is hated :P

        That is also one of the reasons I released the new layout as soon as it was playable with a couple of little problems. I didn't want to iron out every kink, just find out what everyone thinks of the changes!

        If all goes well with this version the planned changes I have at the moment are:

        A few small Layout and Gameplay changes
        Visual overhaul with meshes and the such (dont worry though, Still a BSP based map)
        Probably completely redo all item and path placement
        More variation in lighting and theme
        More sounds for atmosphere
        Terrain underwater and small (inaccessable) Islands
        Various other changes

        This will all take a while though. Since I am not nearly as experienced with meshes as I am other aspects of the UT editor.

        And never fear Stevelois! I recently tried Station 12! check your thread for my post


          I just played A2 and...

          Sorry to say that I like A1 much better

          In the contrary of A1 where I suggest a couple of things, I have nothing to say to help you out in A2. So, I'll wait for the next version since the changes are so dramatic between each version.

          Keep it up


            Hey well thats okay! Its a shame that you liked the earlier version more. But that is why I kept both downloads up!

            If you could tell me what you liked more about the earlier version that would be really helpful.

            Ill see what the majority think about the update, but you opinion is definately a valuable one!


              Hi Clifff,

              Humm, I must say I prefer the first version too...

              There is no more action on the low level, and the terrain is really missing cause it was a big part of the fun with the boots and RL !!!

              The map keep fun on the higher level, but the drastic change on the low part is maybe too much...


                Yeah Okay. That seems like the collective response everywhere. Its a shame since I spent so long making the changes. hmmm... I dont think Ill revert to the layout of Alpha 1 because there were a few things about it that I didnt like.

                Recently I have had an Idea to merge the two layouts. Have an Island but at the same time a few paltforms running out into the sea and ramps leading down onto the sand.

                Instead of just going ahead and designing the layout as I go, I will plan it this time, hopefully that will yield better results.


                  Hey LtClifff, always enjoyed your maps so looking forward to playing this in any incarnation Liking the screenshots - sky-dome creates a nice atmosphere & the structure looks like a lot of fun to play. Like your idea of merging the two designs - platforms into the sea & access to the beach could well add another dimension to its gameplay.

                  Either way, since the Titan Pack's imminent I imagine I'll blow the dust off UT3 & find some time to play it around Fallout 3, so looking forward to any chance to take the PS3 version for a spin