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DM-LTC_Spirit !!!ALPHA 2!!!

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    DM-LTC_Spirit !!!ALPHA 2!!!

    Name: Spirit

    Version: 0.2
    Compatibility: UT3 latest patch PC, PS3 (soon)

    Description: Origionaly built as a lighthouse by an ancient civilisation, this behemoth structure now serves a very different purpose. Despite being neglected for thousands of years it is still in pristine condition. I wonder how long it will take some rockets and a few flack shells to change that...

    Howdy Guys! Finally I have released an Update for this map.The reason it took so long is because I recently picked up a couple of awesome games: Fallout 3 and left 4 dead. However, I have taken up work on this again, as well as about 5 other projects, and ti is coming along very nicely!

    Alpha 2 is hugely different to the first version as should be apparant from the pics. By no means am i scratching the island theme, i will even leave the download up. However, after numerous playtests I had come to the conclusion it just didn't feel right! After a while I came up with this. It seems to work well at the moment so I thought i would throw out something new for you guys.

    Tell me what you think of the new version and if you prefer it or not!



    Credits: So far Me and Epic
    Homepage: N/A



    Honestly try it better than screens more info later!



      Dwn in progress & comments later


      Very solid for a alpha

      Didn't have bugs like being stuck on something or problem with the mutators I use. It flows well & everything seem placed well regarding weapons/ammo/health.

      Only thing I noticed is the water sound volume which seem a bit to high but it's just me so...

      The other things are the small armors (tights, helmet) that I would place elsewhere. Like putting them on the mid level of the map since the keg is on top & the vest at the bottom, it feel like it miss some in the middle.

      Anyway, this is a solid alpha

      Mery Christmas to you to ha ha


        nice map i thit no find bugs like stevelois sayt


          Ta for the comments guys! I know the item placement isnt perfect and lots of things liek sound need tweaking atm but i did it quickly today because i really wanted to have a playalbe version for you guys before i went on holiday. (im on holiday now)

          So i wont be able to post any updates or anything for a few days but please everyoen comment on what you like and dont like! Any ideas for visual improvement, gameplay improvement... Anything... please everyone, say... something

          keep playing!


            Hey, happy holidays dude

            And THX for your Christmas gift


              your welcome! But please if there is anything you think i could do to improve this map please say Especially visual wise!


                There is always something to enhance & it is an alpha, so it's not time yet for visuals...

                I do think it's on a good way but wait for comments for the basic stuff like weapons/ammo/armor/etc placement & meantime, try to work on what is not very satisfying according to your standard

                I'm the only one who as comment on these aspects, take your time, others will point out stuff I'm sure

                It's not like we're in the hurry anyway !


                  too true too true... The reason I would like visual feedback is because im not sure what direction to take the map in atm, but i suppose a proper, polished theme can wait

                  I agree with everything you have said about the layout and I can literally not wait to get home and start altering the it and the item, weapon placement. Also my main worry atm is about the surrounding Island, I feel that it detracts from gameplay but i dont know what to do about it...

                  could you tell me what you think regarding that?


                    nice n clean

                    maybe a bit TO nice n clean


                      lol, remember this is not even beta yet! However, if you have any specidic ideas for improving the visuals please mention them

                      And if you have any ideas regarding Item placement and flow, say about that as well. ta


                        Well, while playing, TBH, I didn't bother looking the edges of the island since it was clear in my head that this is a alpha. But still, it's not that bad you know

                        Regarding that, I'll say you have some possibilities without making your own materials (which I have to do for my Station12).

                        Keep in mind that it is only a feeling of mine. For visuals I can suggest this :

                        1- All around the island edge you can put a metallic ramp, it will be convenient with your structure. The stock one are not bad at all.

                        2- All around the island edge again, you can put some sort of a electric force field, like the height of the player.

                        3- All around the island edge, the easiest solution, add some nice rocks.

                        4- You might add a bit of colors to distinguish the height of your map because it look like it is lit all the same everywhere. At least for what I saw on my rig.

                        5- You can add some machineries or something that emit a particular sound at some spot on the bottom building of the map.

                        6- You could add some small rooms (but not accessible) & put some computers, electronics in them. Make the player beleive that the place is run by something, whatever it is. There is plenty of stock content to do so.

                        Hope that help for the moment


                          Thanks!!! Those are some really great ideas! This is why you are the best beta tester around! The lighting ideas are something I have fiddled around with a bit already, but never in depth, maybe if used some postproccessing volumes I could achieve some cool effects. I may also make the effect when you walk through hallways a bit more obvious as well.

                          The small rooms ideas are really good as well, and I think you have given me a pretty good idea for a theme!

                          Thanks a bunch for the feedback! Though don't expect an update for a while thoug... soz peeps. But please (and this is adressed to everyone) if there is anything at all you can think that would improve this in the smallest way... say... please ;D


                            Well, there is nothing more I can think about atm but I'm happy that you like my suggestions.

                            Me to, expect a alpha soon of my new CTF map. I want a public alpha test run this time


                              huh? aren't you making Alpha station?