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CTF-Extract [Beta2]

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    CTF-Extract [Beta2]

    Name: CTF-Extract
    Version: Beta 2
    Compatibility: PC (possibly console in final release)
    Description: A first map--little bit of experimenting, and a very simple design, though I think it should turn out nicely when it's done. You start in rooms above the bases, where you drop through holes to get weapons (2 have shock rifles, 2 flak cannon, 2 rocket launcher, 2 biorifle). The middle one contains an armor vest, though if you take this route you must defend yourself with an Enforcer until you either take someone else's weapon or manage to reach the Sniper Rifle in the middle. You can also avoid going straight in by using the walkways, though there's no guards to catch you if someone spots you and picks you off with a Shock Rifle or Sniper Rifle.
    Comments: Many (some major) technical issues, like some iffy bot paths, and being able to sometimes stick inside the holes (allowing you to jump back up and grab something else), as well some temporary materials still applied, no sound yet, and it still needs a lot more detail. Still, I hope to get the final (and maybe a console cook) out before Christmas, though it's a little demo before I get the final out.

    The whole reason I'm doing a pre-beta is for feedback though. Don't judge the poor cosmetics of the actual building structure yet because that's actually what needs the most work yet and there's still plenty left to do. I want to know how I'm doing and if the thing's even semi-decent (hehe) right now. Give me your honest thoughts on it though...
    Download: BETA2


    -Some ambient sounds added.
    -Huge lighting improvements, including more lights for detail's sake, as well as far more balance in the lighting and a lighter overall environment.
    -Music added (The classic "Go Down" made famous by UT99's DM-Turbine)
    -Path fixes (Bots won't just randomly jump off cliffs anymore.
    -New meshes added to be used during play. (I expect to add more to those soon.)
    -Minor structural changes, as in nothing that will affect gameplay--mostly a cosmetic improvement.
    -Some texture changes, though I still expect to change it more.


    -Minor pathing issues still exist, though less so than in the previous version.
    -Additional lights coming.
    -Some very minor issue with moving on the walkway, where players may get stuck for a second (not bots though) though you may just have to jump once.
    -More ambient sounds may be coming if I think they're suitable.
    -A few more structural changes.
    -Name change is imminent.
    -Issue in PlayerStart room still exists--I'll definitely get this one...
    -More pickups--particularly health and ammo.

    Other than that, very minor stuff is left to do--the next beta will probably get the rest of that done. After that, I'll play-test it vigorously to see if I want to do anything else with it and will then finish up for the final. And for those helping me out--keep noting this stuff. I'm looking to be done in a few days, and again, I'm still shooting for Christmas.


    -Name change from CTF-Breakthrough to CTF-Extract.
    -PlayerStart issue fixed.
    -Walkway issue fixed.
    -More health and ammo available.
    -More bot paths, with others being fixed.
    -Lighting overhaul again--rebalanced and no more surfaces that have no lighting at all on them.
    -Pipes added--they make the roofs of the bases playable areas now, as well as provide simple decoration.


    Right now, all I think I'll do before the final is adjust some lighting and play-test the thing to death. Maybe a decoration item here or there, though I really like its current form.