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CTF-Sabr [Released]

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    Fixed the preview image problem and PS3 verison is available:

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    Forgot to say, the map name was changed. Sabr is an islamic term. For more story, check:

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    Hmm, I chose another stock track for the new version. Well unless I would find a better one, I don't bother to change it.

    Updated to final candidate 2,

    - Custom jumppad visual
    - Tuned sunlight
    - Fixed a few vertex light problems by using lightmap
    - Fixed a couple of AI pathing bugs
    - Added teleporters for the redeemer rooms (I found there was a big bug that if someone get down there, he can't get out unless using translocator but that's not a good idea for a flag carrier. **** I can't believe I didn't notice this before, neither anyone else.)
    - Added a full moon in the sky
    - Fixed a banner texture bug

    I got a problem with the preview image on PS3. I am sure the image is correctly referenced in the previewimage line in ini. But it just doesn't show up. Someone knows why?

    This is the last version before the final release. So if you found anything, tell me ASAP.

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    Well, another thing I can suggest is that if you don't find a convenient audio track for your map, you can use a background noise, something very subtle & the result will as good as a convenient audio track. Since your map is wide open, you can find plenty of wind sound & others that will suite the map well.

    You can look at "DM-Worm" as an example.

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    Yes, if I can find an awesome track.

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    Originally posted by chonglee View Post
    Is there any recommendation for islamic music?
    I got a PS3 yesterday and it's really nice to play my map on it;p
    Well, I don't know nothing about that type of music.

    Still, if you like a sound track very much & would like to hear it while playing, you can rip it and include it into your map. I can even edit the track for you for custom setting. But be warned, as far as I know, custom music is not supported yet for the PS3.

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    Is there any recommendation for islamic music?
    I got a PS3 yesterday and it's really nice to play my map on it;p

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    The last version is very good & I like all the changes you made

    Only thing that don't fit IMO is the added music.

    Don't forget the preview pic, playercount.

    It's a very fine map dude

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    Thanks, and looking forward to your comments;p

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    Well, this is a huge amount of changes !!!

    Can't try it out now but, I give you some comments if I found something when I can dwn the map

    It seem to be a keeper


    I forgot to mention that the pics are looking **** nice

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    Added PS3 version, download it here:

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    great map i can find any bugs

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    Updated to final candidate 1. Now it's in the debugging phase and in two or three days I gotta release final candidate 2, then two days later, the final release.

    A lot of changes (of course many of them were not big ones) were made in this version:
    - Added small stones
    - Add grass
    - New materials for banner with a symbol on it
    - More banners
    - Tuned background hills
    - Set cull distance for decorations
    - New skin for pillars
    - New materials for ceilings
    - Shock rifle was swapped with Sniper
    - Swapped Bio with Linkgun
    - Added defense point for AI
    - Fixed a light mesh missing bug
    - Refined all the materials to balance the whole tone and the contrast
    - Tried a couple of gameplay-wised layout changes(not all of them worked)
    - New materials for the glass windows
    - More vials
    - Tuned sunlight for the whole tone
    - Added music
    - Added ambient sound for the torches
    - Added ambient sound for the redeemer rooms
    - Fixed the bug that some pickup bases looked floating
    - Tuned jumppad bouncing timing
    - Removed useless texture references
    - New texture for floor
    - Removed useless groups
    - Balanced ammos
    - Made the big tower higher, and tuned the nearby lifts
    - Fixed window collision bugs
    - Added ambient sound for glass windows
    - Tuned health pack locations
    - More visual details on floors
    - More visual details for ceilings
    - Added big blocking volumes in the background to enveloped the entire level
    - New meshes for lights
    - Others can't be listed here

    About the helmet, I decided to keep it there, but swapped sniper with shock rifle. The point is, I don't really like to move helmet anywhere, or swap it with thighpad (thighpad is more interesting as for the below route).

    About the bio rifle problem, there were two reasons for swapping it with linkgun. One, stinger is hitscan, I don't want it get close to sniper(the new location). Two, bio is cool if you spam it around the doorway of the flag rooms.

    About the background hills, I tried some modifications. There was a problem that I really like the shadows casted by the hills, so it was not easy to make the canges, sometimes it turned out not working and I had to reverted the changes. I finally got a few somewhat tiny changes in this version.

    About decorations, yes, grass, small stones.

    About glass materials, it took me a couple hours to tune it, hope it looks not that wierd anymore.

    Is there anyone can test the PS3 version for me (I don't have a PS3 for the moment)?
    I will soon make a PS3 version and if anyone can test it I will be very appreciated.

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  • replied
    Oh, forgot to say, merry xmas!

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  • replied
    I listed all the changes I would like to do, include the ones came from you, just found out it's definetly impossible to finish them before xmas. So this week is going to be very busy;p
    As for the helmet, I am thinking if it's nice to replace them with health packs and place the helmets somewhere else. Any idea?

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