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CTF-Temple_Beta01 [Pics] [PC-Download]

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    CTF-Temple_Beta01 [Pics] [PC-Download]

    Name: CTF-Temple
    Version: Beta_01
    Compatibility: All Versions of UT3
    Description: My first map, made for a uni project. Still haven't thought of a story and I might change the name of the map (temple isn't exactly the most original of names)
    Comments: To Do list listed below
    Screenshot: See below
    Credits:Chris Cook AKA Piranhi, and special thanks to Odedge
    Homepage:None at the moment.
    Download: CTF-Temple

    (Moved from the other forum into here)

    Well, this is my first map that I've made so I don't expect it to be brilliant but hopefully enjoyable at least. I'm going all out at uni so any feedback you can give, good or bad, I'd really appreciate it. Hopefully this will be my first map of many, so any mistakes I learn now will help me prevent them in the future.

    Textures and Meshes are all from UT3, I will be experimenting with them for my next project. The map runs fine on my pc, as well as 5 other computers I've tested it on, but if you experience bad lag or anything else please can you put your specs here.

    Also have to mention a special thanks to Odedge, without his help this map wouldn't be publishable.

    Current Beta: CTF-Temple_Beta01 (16th December 2008)

    Download here - CTF-Temple

    Thanks in advance to anyone who tries it out.

    Forgot to add a to do list:

    : Sort out middle sides, its incomplete because it hasn't effected gameplay and you can't really see it yet
    : Make the water swimmable, I just made it kill on enter because I didn't want users to go there yet
    : Sort out the lighting around the water, it currently looks wrong everywhere apart from where the sunlight is hitting it
    : Make the player spawn areas a bit busier
    : Double check the no go areas so players can't escape!
    : Add a picture for map selection screen
    : Add author info and all that jazz
    : There isn't meant to be an emitter covering up the flag, I left it in by accident. Will be removed next build

    That's all I can think needs doing for now.

    Good thing you followed my advice

    I suggest you delete the other thread since this is the one to follow until the final. 2 thread for the same thing is not a good idea & is harder to follow

    Going to do some testing tonight (I'm at work now). It look promising


      I just looked at this map in editor. Things i did not like:
      - overuse of that boxy bush mesh. Make all those places look like japanese garden, google for pictures there are hundreds of it. Make each of those areas a bit different.
      - you do not use trims in many places that are quite visible and will be frequently visited by players, add nice trims
      - general overuse of same meshes, make more variety, but i think if you follow first 2 advices, map will have enough of details
      - as i undestand lighting is not finished yet, but i seen many really dark areas next to overlit washed places. I did not look into your lights but i think there is too little of color variation, diffused light near brown wall should be a bit brown etc.
      - important meshes do not use lightmaps, they all seem to be vertex lit, set them to lightmapped for areas that should have nice shadows and lighting
      - you set 16resolution of lightmap for those huge walls near water canal in middle, split that surfaces into above water and underwater. On above water set resolution to 8, underwater to 64. This way size will be same but you get 2 times better lightmap on its visible part.


        Cool, thanks a lot for the feedback Nawrot, I'll have a look through my map, especially the lighting when I get back from the gym. I had noticed the shadows seemed a bit off in places. I've also now added a dim skylight just to light up all the places in the map so no where is pitch black.

        You can also now go underwater, and I have added a a big amount of blur, made the view blueish and added some height fog so the player can't see too far.

        I keep looking through the packages for items I haven't used but would suit my level but their really ain't that many left


          Be carefull with underwater postprocess, you may get ppl complaining about it like with my CTF-November. Test if it not stays too long after death in water and respawn, and after tloc out of water.

          When i am out of ideas what to use I load one of epics (or other quality ones) maps in same theme and look for what i can "steal" from it. Esp epic uses lots of materials and meshes you would not think about using for your theme.