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UT3 Splash Screens [v 1.0.2][BETA][Pics][Updated]

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    UT3 Splash Screens [v 1.0.2][BETA][Pics][Updated]

    UT3 Splash

    1.0.2 [BETA]

    PC Only.

    UT3 Splash is a front-end program for running UT3. Each time it is run it changes the UT3 Splash Screen to the next picture in a user-defined sequence of user-defined pictures, then starts UT3 with the user's specified command-line parameters for the game, and exits. It is not running in the background while you are playing UT3. Twenty-four (24) pictures are supplied with the program, but the user can use any bitmap (.bmp) picture(s) that are desired. (UT requires that its splash screen be a bitmap.)


    The screenshots are the Configuration Mode windows. When the program is run in Execution Mode, after the program is configured, the user only sees the UT3 Splash Screen followed by UT3 itself; by the time the Splash Screen is displayed UT3Splash is no longer running.

    • The program's Help file can be viewed here: The help file contains complete instructions on how to install and use the program.
    • Also included is a small second program, UT3SplashConfig, that resets the main program from Execution Mode to Configuration Mode, should the user wish to change the pictures in the splash screen rotation or their order.
    • I believe the program is complete and bug-free, but I am calling it BETA for now. Please post any suggestions, comments, problems, or bugs here, or email me at
    • Most of the supplied pictures were made by Crotale, Bersey, Dexter, and Xenocide and posted in, and originally downloaded from, the Epic Games Forums. I am not sure who made the rest. Thank you all for your great work.
    • The program was designed and written by {DvT}JonahHex.
    Download: (24.8MB -- 24 .bmp files are big -- program and pictures) (3.63MB -- program and help files only, no pics) (20.8MB -- pictures only)
    change list:

    If it's not too much trouble can you seperate the files into different downloads.
    3.Program + Pictures



      In the process of doing and checking this I found 3 bugs, which I fixed. See the change list link above.

      BTW, the Green windows shown in the screenshots reflect my Windows Theme. The program uses the default colors for whatever your Windows Theme uses and will be colored accordingly.