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CTF-StarViewAsylum [Beta] [Pics] [Updated]

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    CTF-StarViewAsylum [Beta] [Pics] [Updated]

    Well its been a while since I last released a map, a year to be precise but I finally tarted this one up to an acceptable level. Feedback would be very much appreciated

    Cheers muchly, skunkLAUNCHER

    Name: CTF-StarViewAsylum
    Version: Beta
    Compatibility: Latest patch only as far as I know
    Description: Small to medium sized level based in a spacestation, the level has a mix of sci-fi & victorian stylings. It also has an extra interactive element in the form of a central control room that allows you to manipulate the environment.
    Comments: This was basically my major project for college but I've massively updated it since then.
    Screenshots: -----------------------------------------------------------------------------¬

    Credits: It's pretty much all mine aside from a couple of Epic meshes and a skysphere by DGUnreal
    Homepage: (Hasn't been updated in a while though )
    Download: download here (46.3 MB zip file)
    (Sorry about the huge size that is honestly the first time I noticed how big it was!! It is on a fairly fast server so you should be ok though)

    Good to see another unique style map!


      That looks good...


        Cheers fellas :-)


          i have try your map but my ut3 exe
          stop working so i cant not try the map


            It's looking pretty good. Could do with a wee bit of texture or decal work, or something else to help break up those very tiling areas, I reckon.


              Cool, can't wait to try it out.


                Didn't played it yet but looking at the pics, it look very original

                Still, I think that it need a bit more polishing like I think it need more attention in decos since it supposed to be in a space station, I expect to see computer console, wires, things like that.

                Also, all the floors seem to be all flat, it need some elevation here & there.

                The lamps don't fit with a space station IMO.

                There are wide areas where there isn't any ammo, armor, health & such ?

                The architectural desing look interesting but doesn't stand out, some nice lighting on the ceiling would help

                I must say it look very promising


                  Thanks for the feedback guys.

                  I have made a few small changes:-
                  • Changed walkway texture on upper control room level
                  • Included decal textures to break up large tiled areas
                  • Added some wiring for that spacestation-like experience (I'm really trying to err on the side of asylum though)
                  • Moved dining room light fittings so that they are no longer touching the ceiling ventilation
                  • Added some extra health viles
                  • Added some extra lights on the ceiling that surrounds the control room
                  • Added a carpet in the blue base/reception area

                  I wasn't really up for restructuring the floors to add different height changes or designing a new light fitting style as I'm really ready to draw a line under the project and move on but thanks again for the positive feedback and also suggested improvements from ambershee, stevelois & non-forum poster tom england. Also I wouldn't mind knowing how people think it plays if anyone has the chance to do that, personally i think its alright and has decent enough flow but that's just me.

                  Anyways, cheers everyone

                  Some updated Screenshots: ----------------------------------------------------------------¬

                  Updated download: download here (48.2 MB zip file)


                    Happy to see that you enhance the map

                    I'm to busy ATM for playing any maps, so at least, I can comments on pics when there available.

                    Another thing I would suggest since you don't want to change any floor design is to put some colums in certain places. I think it would fit the theme. ATM, it is wide open, since there is no colums, furnatures, there isn't any protection, it's the sniper paradise.

                    In pic # 2, I also suggest that you can add a bit of light behind the doors and also a bit on the ceiling so your arch trim and ceiling pattern will be noticed, its not the case ATM.


                      Thanks for the further feedback stevelois

                      I know what you mean about not having the time to play maps etc. In fact I never seem to have time for any gaming at all at the moment
                      • Added columns to dining room for further cover
                      • Added fog sheets for highlighting purposes between all doorways
                      • Added silver trim to the edges of the glass dome shown in pic3
                      • Added futher lights to highlight arched doorways also shown in pic3
                      • I also added some further collision to objects in my scene that I somehow missed!

                      Some updated Screenshots: ----------------------------------------------------------------¬

                      Updated download: download here (49.7 MB zip file)


                        Great, glad I could help

                        It is a shame that you don't have more suggestions than this because this map look unique & very different from the rest.

                        Would be good if you add some vents with smoke & thing alike that are close to the theme.

                        Keep it up, your doing a good job there


                          this map look great but i cant play the map
                          when try too play it my pc say this ut3 exe stop working
                          i only have that with this map


                            hmm I'm looking into this coolcat, I guess it seems like a package issue as I've never had such a crash


                              Well I did notice some old references to mypackage still active that i fixed by renaming the meshes/materials etc. so that might help when i go and do another rebuild tommorrow. I would do that tonight but i fancy finishing off my red wine and watching a movie.

                              I hope that is the problem though coz if it aint there could be some tricky problems ahead