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DM-{FO}Codex-2008[Download PC/PS3/Screenshots]

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    DM-{FO}Codex-2008[Download PC/PS3/Screenshots]

    Compatibility:UT 3 Patch 1.3
    Description:Yet another remake of a Classic UT map.
    Comments:Yes, I realize this one has already been re-made. What's wrong with more than one version? The more the better, IMHO.

    Credits:The level designers of the original Unreal Tournament.

    OK dont shoot me for this but... No lava?


      Scaling is quite off, many places to get stuck a bit.

      Apart from that its good.


        Originally posted by Kazimira View Post
        OK dont shoot me for this but... No lava?
        I opted for slime over lava.


          Hi Pitch Black. Another great level from you. I prefer the lava, but slime is good

          Just a couple of comments - I seemed to get hung up a bit moving at some points of the map, particularly around the bio rifle and sniper rifle. I also saw bots getting completely stuck behind the pillar next to the sniper rifle, often 2 at a time.

          I was playing the PS3 version, and there's a slight issue with the map name as it appears as "2008" in the list of DM maps, although when you select it and it's loading, it shows the full "{FO}Codex-2008" name, so should be simple to fix.

          Other than that, I really enjoyed playing this. Thanks for all your efforts and the PS3 cook.


            first sorry for my bad english...

            map look very nice but there's any problems

            one: in this point i can camp like lamer, this is not funny

            two: the elevators don't work good, if i touch wall i beat on someting and the elevator it returns down

            three: I don't understand where my feet touch, it seems i are suspendend in air

            four: i can't use wall dodge on this wall because there is this static meshes, and this meshes brake the balls in entire map, can you set the collision radius to 0?

            five: if i do a wall dodge on wall on left i beat on those beams

            six: I don't have the magic wand to create ammunitions for link

            seven: i can't go forward! why?!? there's someting blocking me

            eight: ...

            fix this problems, the map look very nice, more than the other versions, but is unplayable