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VCTF-Outcast Beta 3[PICS][D/L][PS3 coming soon]

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    VCTF-Outcast Beta 3[PICS][D/L][PS3 coming soon]


    Version:Beta 3

    Compatibility:UT3 patch 3

    Description:Out in the middle of an immense desert, this weather station for mesuring wind speed has been lost for centuries until now.

    Comments:A primarly bsp map, with a decent amount of meshes for prettiness. This is the second last map i will be including in my map pack, the reason why im releasing them all first is to get all of yor opinions, if theyre bad, ill make a new map if not ill keep it. This is an update which includes caves now and no DOF.

    Screenshot: These are of older version.

    Credits:Myself, and epic



    Trying to focus on this map gives me a headache, too much blur too soon. Increase the focus distance in the PP volume and you might have something quite playable.


      I agree.. I like the layout of the map. But the blur thing is way too overdone. Gets tiring/irritating very quickly. Other than that, it's pretty good.



        Ok, sure ill definatly lower the PP in it, and possibly lower the density of the fog.m Might also git rid of 1 manta since there is a viper


          i like the idea, and i guess i don't even need to mention the blur. for me i think i would like more paths, as unless im missing something i could only find the one general path to the flag, u kinda walk to it or drive and then come back, viper spawn with redeemer is nice though


            There are 4 entrances into the bases but i think you mean a different path from ones base to the other. I could make some caves on each side going under ground and appearing out on the other side if that would work. Ill have to see how well it plays though.

            PS, has anyone found the teleporter to the udamage/berserk yet


              ha ha ha yes i ahve but i died trying to get to it again :P, very good/odd placement


                Ha ha that tends to happen, and yes i have just started messing around with the underground path, it shouldnt tak eto long so it might be up tonight or tomorro.


                  Ok, so i have uploaded the update...i have gotten rid of the DOF and have added 2 alternative routes to the flags(caves). In those caves there is one scavenger and one invisibilty.


                    woo more paths ftw, just a few corrections that the tunnels bring up.

                    the scavenger in the tunnel, when u get in it, is hard to control as u can barely see, as it doesn't fit in the tunnel very well.
                    with the tunnels, a lot of bots try to drive down them with scorpions, but cant get round the 360 turn, so u end up with a pileup of scorpions filling the entrance, sometimes with bots still in

                    oh and btw i found there always seems to be a bot just standing facing the raptor, and bots never seem to try and get the beserk/udamage, and maybe they should atleast try?

                    sorry for keep finding faults

                    oh and visibility is a lot better, don't need to take a break every 2 mins now.


                      I like this one.
                      the player count is more like 8 to 10. you need to add meshes around the edge of the map as it looks really unnatural atm. Use the terrain mesh rather than BSP. UT3 prefers meshes as this helps the fps. having said that though the FPS here is fine.

                      promising stuff


                        thank you, one reason I didn't use thatcmany meshes is that I wanted this map to be primarly bsp but I could put trims. Also don't be sorry for finding issues with the map but instead I should thank you for spotting them.


                          Ok, so right now, im fixing up the scorpion issue and bots staring at raptor, its almost done, im finishing a few touch ups here and there and also changed some item palcements. I removed the scavenger and replaced it with the keg of health and removed the other 2, i added a small sniping post and added the node locker above that, removed them from their previous spots. also removed sniper by spawns and added another avril, but added the sniper to the sniping post. Also changed the sky material and lightend up the fog abit more. The only issue that i spotted so far with fixing the scorpion getting stuck underground is that i added forcedir volumes to stop them, but if you attempt to go in the caves anyway, youll drive up the wall and become spider scorpion and the scorp will get stuck there.


                            Ok... Wow ive been tearing through these updates lol, ive just uploaded beta 3 now which fixes som issues aswell as adds new things. For one, i added a small sniper nest at each base and basically all that ive mentioned in my above post. Hope everyone enjoys the new version.

                            Yours truely,