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VCTF-FrostCanyon Beta 1[PICS][D/L][PS3 coming soon]

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    VCTF-FrostCanyon Beta 1[PICS][D/L][PS3 coming soon]


    Version:Beta 1

    Compatibility:UT3 patch 1.3

    Description:Just below the Arctice Circle, this large canyon is home to many pockets of "Frost" a crystal with a very high value in the market. The liandri have stripped most of the area of it and has now opened this arena to the public tournament.

    Comments:This is my fourth vCTF map. Im supposably gonna release this, along with volcanix and varicolored vegetation in a vctf map pack, I still have 2 mor emaps for th epack on their way.

    This map has 2 scorpions, 1 paladin, 1 manta, a raptor, and 1 hellbender at each base.
    It also has a fury in the middle with a deployabvle shield, this map has a berserk and udamage aswell.


    Credits:Myself ,and epic games



    Very cool map, I will test it...


      what material set is that for the canyon walls?


        Originally posted by konsept View Post
        what material set is that for the canyon walls?
        Looks like the same one I used in arctic stronghold, which was located in UN_Rock.upk and it was a snowy tile breaker mat.


          The material i used is the same as the boardering ground as the static meshes i use for the walls seem to display this nmaterial differently...the material is under the un_cave package i believe it is the MI_UN_Cave_BSP_Rock_TopBottom_LessTiling.


            looks awesome!
            downloading now


              Hehe thanks alot! Im getting close on releasing my new map vctf-outcast, primarly bsp but a decent amount of meshes to make it look better, expect it to be released tonight or tomorro


                i had a test run on this map, and here is what i got:

                -it took rather long to load this map, i dont know if it is caused by the map, or just my computer [while others load faster: custom or default maps]

                -you added a paladin to this map, but it is very hard to move around to the other side, with this vehicle. maybe you could open op the roads a bit so the paladin can move better

                -i noticed the bots rarely get to the other side: you need to improve the botpathing and make it easier to get to the other side with vehicles, and for players

                -i also noticed a little misplaced platform, it would look a lot better if it was completely visible:

                -it is very hard to get to the flag, maybe you can add an alternative route to the flag, to make it easier and more fun?
                [for example: a underground route, or a route via the left or right side walls]

                i hope improved botpathing makes this map a lot more fun to play...