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CTF-Berg [Beta 1 Download], [Pics]

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    CTF-Berg [Beta 1 Download], [Pics]

    Name: CTF-Berg

    Version: Beta 1

    Compatibility: UT3 v 1.3

    Description: Description: Battle for the flag on one of the many icebergs on the Onyx Coast! If you have the enemy's flag watch out; the blast doors cut off your most straight-forward exit forcing you into the narrow warehouse corridors...

    Comments: My third released map for UT3. I love winter maps and I felt the urge to make another. I can tell you right off that the platform with supports above it is very dodgy, you'll fall through the floor onto the terrain (But you wont get stuck), I forgot to fix it before I uploaded. The flag bases are not finished either, they're rather ***-ugly imho.
    It's still very playable (and rather entertaining imo), give it a shot if you have time and leave some feedback please!

    Screenshot: Scroll down please.

    Credits: Moi.

    Download Link: Click Me

    Looks good. Not to be the usual nag, but any chance for a PS3 cook, or letting someone cook it? Snow-themed normal CTF maps are lacking currently, and I'm assuming this has no custom meshes to complicate things. Whatever your decision, good job on filling a niche in CTF maps.


      Yes, there will be. (If I can't find someone to do it for me I'll figure out on my own). ; )

      Unfortunately I've decided the PS3 cook will wait until it's completely finished. I don't have enough time to update both versions right now.


        Oh Wicked! Onyx coast was a letdown. Love the fact that your using the best stock theme to make a decent map (unlike onyx coast)


          Yeah, OC was a bit of a let-down. If it didn't focus as heavily on the Levi it would have been better imo.

          Anyways, if I don't get any feedback I'll be more-or-less modding for myself and I wont care what people suggest in the release thread. Anyone have any recommendations?


            nice map i like what you thit with the door that it closing when i get the flag