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    CTF-Athea2 [Beta1][Download][Pics][PC]

    Version:Beta 1
    Compatibility:PC (PS3 version will come soon or not until final version. I have not made my decision about it yet)
    Description: An ancient castle once corrupted by darkness has risen from the shadows, may the light shine forever...
    Comments: Currently, this is practically AtheaCE with a bright setting, improved floor texturing and less fps drops. I do however plan on making it quite different from AtheaCE (still mostly in terms of visuals)

    And here are the a couple of things you should expect to see when the map goes final,

    1. Almost zero Tech meshes/textures
    2. Tech Necris replaced with a Ruined Castle theme of some kind
    3. Broken ceilings, walls so that players can look outside while in the bases also windows
    4. The very middle part of the map (outdoor) will be shrinked, the 2 towers will be replaced by 1 tower placed in the very middle (there will be a sniper spot on each side of the tower facing the blue/red base).

    Clark Kent (a great guy who helped me alot with the previous version of this map, deserves all credit I can give him)


    Hourences for his tutorials

    Stevelois for sharing his opinions so that I could improve the map even further.

    Those who made the video tutorials that came with collectors edition.

    Shademistress for the Skydome texture and the fern mesh+textures

    Repent_ for some tropic meshes (trees, palm trees, grass etc.)
    Homepage: Still no homepage, will be my next project once the 4 maps I'm working on are completed.

    Feedback and suggestions are highly appreciated!

    PS: I submitted this map to MSUC, however there is some minor bugs and one major bug in that version and I was unable to fix it before deadline, this is the version you want

    Did a run in spec mode yesterday,

    It is very hard to get an impression because everything is maxed out. I can't really comment since it is to early.

    Also, the audio track is not bad but it's to short & "it cut" instead of fading and that annoy me. Anyway, I presume it is temporary.

    The reason I think that there is no comments is because CTF-Athea is well know, it look good, play good and this version as nothing else to offer at this point except cosmetics changes. I won't be surprise you receive more comments when you will rerlease B2 or B3.

    Don't worry & keep it up


      Thanks for commenting Steve . About the music track, yeah I know it could be alot better and the truth is, I didn't have enough time to make it good in order to release the map before MSUC deadline. It will be better or completely changed, and yeah you're probably right about why I haven't gotten more comments, people are also pretty busy with other maps that have been released for MSUC P2 .

      I'm gonna start working on the ouside of the bases soon, needed a few days away from the editor hehe. Might be a while until beta2 comes out, got alot of work to do with the map!


        I love bright new skybox !

        also more nice color in map too !!


          Wow nice looks, I have the other versions of Athea but this seems to be the better IMO. I like the grassy maps!! Good job!


            Good job, this map is really incredible! When are you going to release next beta?


              atm I'm working on another map (CTF-Thermostate) when I'm done with that one, I'm gonna complete this one . Progressing slowly though, might be awhile.


                Was this map ever finished? Looks like the final is this beta.

                Thermostate was very cool. Always had trouble with the first Athea, the rain slowed things down.


                  Nope, Athea2 never made it past Beta1, sorry . Maybe some day I will go back to it (I still have the unpublished version on my computer). But I wouldn't count on it.

                  Thanks for commenting, and yes indeed, the rain did slow down the fps quite a bit but I didn't have enough experience with UED at that time so I couldn't properly optimize the map .

                  Since Thermostate I also made DM-UOF-Hibernate and CTF-UOF-Incinerate. I also have another map which will be released in a month or so.


                    Oh, cool, I have both those maps. Incinerate was awesome.

                    You should go back to Athea!! :-)