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WAR-CarPark [RC1][PICS]

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    WAR-CarPark [RC1][PICS]

    Name: WAR-CarPark
    Version: RC1
    Compatibility: Patch 1.3
    Description: A Warfare map based on a parking garage. It's a 1-1-1 node setup. The map is practically symmetrical. It consists of three indoor floors and a small area on the roof. Vehicle loadout includes a Hellbender at the core, two Scorpions at the primes and one tank for each team at center. The deemer is on the roof.

    Known Issues:
    Bots don't know they can't go through the enemy color doors on the roof. Not real sure how to fix this one, short of removing all bot paths from the roof. They don't grab the redeemer anyway, lol.

    Pending changes:
    Set up .ini file and screenshot.
    Small pathing tweak near core.
    Make Tanks critical vehicles.
    Add more spawns to prime nodes.
    Change Shield Belts to Kegs to prevent health stacking.

    Comments: PC only at the moment. I intend to cook the final for the PS3.



    Oldskool0482, Empty Soul, Captain Snarf and especially MapMonkey for all their assistance. Thanks to many other BGE members for their assistance with play testing.

    Battlegrounds Elite


    I love the concept of a car park, will have a look later m8


      Can you put up another download link, that download always takes me to the following page that says (regardless of whether I use IE or FireFox):

      You don't have permission to access / on this server.

      Additionally, a 403 Forbidden error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request."

      I don't know if anyone else has had this error msg or not.


        Strange, I dunno why that happened. I put it up on Filefront.


          hi i love this map a lot
          i think having seperate bot and vehicle map helps u survive rather than being blasted by a tank at spawn time. very good like the layered war map a lot


            This was pretty fun once I figured out the layout. I just have a few suggestions:

            - The stairways all seem to be identical, and are pretty boring to ascend. Maybe mix it up a bit with some jump pads where stairs might have collapsed, or lifts between certain floors? I think the fact that they're all alike was the biggest contributor to me getting lost.
            - Maybe shorten the amount of traveling you have to do to reach the UDamage powerups. The risk/reward thing of having to make yourself vulnerable in order to get them is fair enough, but getting back into the action from there eats up enough of the powerup's timer that it never felt worthwhile.
            - The jump pads that fire you horizontally at the prime nodes are just kind of weird. I'm guessing it's to get you out of there quickly when the enemy is bearing down on the node, but it comes as a shock when they suddenly fling you sideways instead of upward. Hoverboard boost pads or just a couple of extra exits at the sides might be better alternatives.


              Map has been updated! The next time I release this map it will be complete. Thanks for the playtesting guys.

              Sonnorcter, I see your point. The next and final release will include some alterations to the prime nodes that prevent you from being spawn killed by the tank.

              Setheran, you have some very good points. I've already removed those bizarre jump pads. I see your point about the stairwells. I'll see what I can do to alter them some. I'm thinking a lift from ground floor to the third level for the center four stairwells and perhaps jump pads from ground floor to second level for the outer four stairwells. That should decrease travel time for the most common paths up.

              The DD I'm not real sure what I can do to change that. They have to be out of the way some, and there's no where else that is except the roof, which is currently the deemer location. I guess ultimately I only intended the DD to be for taking out the tank, and it's in a decent place for that.

              A lot of people complained about getting lost. Seeing as the map has so much Z axis movement and every level looks basically the same, it can be difficult to find your way around. To that note, I've added Team Static Mesh arrows that tell you where to go depending on who controls which nodes. Please let me know if you think that will help.

              I've added an alarm that goes off when the core is under attack. Is it annoying? I didn't think it was too obtrusive.