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    I'm a UT3 player and I endorse this mod!
    -Oops too many political commercials.
    What could be better than shooting zombie heads off and covering your monitor in blood?


      2 HEGI
      This mod is awesome, any chance to get this guns just in UT3, I really would like to frag some Krall's with this shotgun !!!


        I noticed that too I really want all of these guns, a second mutator containing them would be awesome if you could, but without the weird reloading and 3rd person thing might make that that a little harder to do I would have to guess.


          We don't have any plans to port the weapons to ut3, it would be difficult because of the thirdperson perspective and the weapons only work as intended in context with the haunted gameplay and style.


            Well I guess you could at least be able to give out the skins and models to people maybe?


              dear hegi,

              can you make this mod as a mutator to ut3?

              we use the player and guns,

              the gameplay and view angle remains.

              but shooting zombies in ut 3 maps.........

              thx man!!!!!best mod.....


                That acutally would be a awesome idea Darksin... i support if possible!


                  I think this is my favourite UT3 mod so far, just a couple of suggestions: co-op mode would be great, with multiple players as the haunted, also, I agree with the above suggestion: working this into regular UT3 maps and game-modes would be great.


                    It would just not work on non-game specific maps, just think of zombies spawning every where randomly, on a warfare map or on a vctf it would ruin it. But I do support the idea of more levels for this game and the idea of having those sexy weapons ingame


                      No MP support?


                        working this into regular UT3 maps and game-modes would be great.

                        hope this could be done in future.

                        or just make an addon mutator to ut3, thx man!!!!!


                          Hey HEGI any progress on an actual update yet, or are you working on one of other thousand mods.


                            Originally posted by TheProfileth View Post
                            Hey HEGI any progress on an actual update yet, or are you working on one of other thousand mods.
                            The haunted is the only mod i'am working on.

                            This is what i already posted on our ModDb page:

                            It's unsure when the next major release will see the light of day, or when the next big update will be. We don't promise or announce anything before we can deliver. But we look into your suggestions and do the best we can.


                              Was wondering if you were planning on fixing the map to remove the invisible ledges (one near where the Cerberus spawns, the other near the barrels where the Vendetta spawns and the broken wooden walkway). In 1.01, the first invisible ledge could be countered with a double jumping Iron Jack. Now that the double jump has been removed, though...

                              The raptor manages to jump up occasionally, though, which is neat.

                              A review:
                              Single Player:
                              Was fun. Haven't tried it too much, lasted about 14 minutes by camping the broken walkway after collecting enough ammunition.
                              As the monster summoner, the Human AI sucks. A swarm of zombies will rip him up in 20 seconds. Common tricks that humans are capable of that it doesn't seem to be able to consider include jumping over ledges, and jumping down staircases to take advantage of the extra roll at the end. Also, when jumping down, you can change your direction in midair so that you roll sideways or even backwards with respect to the jump afterwards. Bug or intended? Either way, useful advantage for the haunted.

                              This was where I spent the bulk of my time. The server host set round time to 5 minutes, which is pretty reasonable, since it keeps the matches nice and short. Especially when someone starts to camp the ledges, and it ends up just being a situation where you wait until time runs out, unless you can use some trick to threaten the haunted in a meaningful manner. Spawning 20 feet away and trying to run towards the haunted along the ledge yourself while he shoots your head off is not meaningful.

                              Otherwise, for 5 minutes the mana gain doesn't ramp up considerably, so there's no real ability to swarm the haunted very well. The knife seems to do amazing damage, and can hit an opponent that's roughly at feet level. Other people have been able to survive fairly well against a slow trickle of zombies.

                              Here are a few comments.
                              The wendigo is pretty useless. Only, maybe, somewhat useful if you want to just spawn a lot to get rid of the haunted's ammunition. Otherwise, for 20% more mana, the zombie can take twice the number of hits and has a leap attack. Maybe you should make it move a little bit faster (say, 105-110% of the human's speed, so it catches up slowly?)

                              Sharing the mana pool is ANNOYING. Also, there's a bug where, if two players spawn a monster at the same time, and there's only enough mana for one, it's possible to allow two to spawn. Only happens by chance, really. But, yeah, sharing the mana pool is a pain. You wait for enough mana to spawn a zombie, someone spawns a wendigo. You want an Iron Jack, other people are spamming zombies.

                              Rather than have 1 haunted and multiple monster spawners, maybe having one monster spawner and multiple haunted would be more balanced as a game (it violates the 'you're alone' aspect of a survival horror game, of course...). Might be good at least as an option.

                              Alternatively, don't share the mana pool, and let each monster controller have his own. Is that possible?

                              Would be nice to be able to adjust the mana pool refilling rate. Even if it's just scaling the regeneration rate, since it changes over the game. Possibly adjust the initial mana pool rate as well. Allowing this could drastically change the feel of the game. Things like, start with a massive pool and no regen. Or start with no pool but a large regen.
                              An interesting idea would be to set the the regen to scale as a percent of your mana pool, rather than with time. So if you let it sit for a while, it would start to grow quickly.

                              Would it be possible to allow monsters to maneuver by themselves if they are spawned on top of a roof? I doubt it, but... I'm thinking there might be interesting tactics for a map where monsters would be spawned above a player and jump down at him.

                              EDIT: One last comment. It might be useful to be able to configure the game so that the haunted surviving does not lead to him playing another round.


                                Looks kick *** downloading now ^.^ ill provide feedback when i check it out later today