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    7 mins to load first time, but now it takes about 30 seconds on average.


      Same here. Well worth the wait though.

      I played on a server last night and it was great fun.
      I would say it needs more zombie moaning sounds and screaming muuuhhaaaa!!

      Is it too late to make a Halloween Map?


        Great job, thank you guys. This mod drew me back into playing UT3 again and it is great fun. I played for a couple hours last night on instant action, never got bored.
        I can go along with everyone on the jumping, faster sprint, creepier sounds, more maps, etc...Grenades would be cool. A cover system would be awesome, if you had the ablility to move barrels and carts to build baracades. Please keep up the great work and I'm definatly waiting for more.


          Semi Automatic rifle. G3, M4, I dont care. It needs one


            Sniper Rifle, Flamethrower, Grenades, Sledge hammer, Mines, Explodable Barrels, Uzi (Dual Weld), Baseball Bats, Grenade/Rocket Launchers, Flash Grenades & Of Course A F****N Chainsaw

            Tag Zombies With Grenades
            Melee with the weapons


              having so much fun !

              die zombie die !

              Oops ! lol

              I love this one !


                Also I think you should really scrap the idea of having 1 guy against 5 zombie masters, I would just prefer to have a squad of like 3-8 people against 1 zombie master, (time to but on my smart pants) as well the dark energy should some how requisitioned based apon how many participants are attempting quarantine the monstrosities that are ravaging the land. A indisputable evil has befallen us and it is our duty and our privilege to rid the land of such demons for we shall avenge the deaths of our brethren and their brethren, the day is apon us; we are The Haunted.


                  Are you going to cook a PSĀ· version

                  Looks greats



                    great mod man........................


                      This would be really cool with a large scale version, just imagine 50 zombies coming towards like 8 guys in a bunker, priceless. This really if anything needs a new map, though I am no expert unless there is some special coding (which I am sure there is) then a new map should not be that hard, make it as huge as a vctf map and make me able to play with a friend against a bot, that would kick ***.

                      Also the addition of a rifle (not sniper way to easy) would be cool like an old winchester one with lever action and would be strong but not a one hit kill unless in the head on tougher enemys also the iron jack is too fast but also way too weak to be that slow.


                        wandering if someone was going to try and cook this for ps3?


                          Left Click when not aiming to reload.
                          Press Q for monsters' abilities (some don't have one)
                          Duck is the sprint key, I have bound it to Left Control.

                          Also, some useful strategies:
                          If you're about to die and want to stay the haunted, commit suicide with Dynamite.
                          Dodge UT3-style to roll.
                          Roll up to enemies with the knife to get easy insta-kills.
                          Rack up knife kills.
                          Keep racking them up.

                          As the Monster-Spawner just wait until you have about 1000 blood then spawn a bunch of Manasomething spitting zombies then right click to spawn yourself in as an iron jack or a rage zombie.

                          The Iron Jack can double jump really high and breath fire.
                          The Rage Zombie is good if you have less blood to use since his special ability (Press Q) makes him go faster.

                          Unfortuneately, I believe these "strategies" may have to be worked on...

                          One final note, the "Spawners" team and the "Haunted" team need to have an equal number of players to enable good cooperative play. This game is well balanced for 1 Spawner vs 1 Haunted with only minor things needing attention.

                          Congratulations on releasing a retail-worthy mod on the first release!


                            plz make more maps for this mod,thx!!!..................


                              I think the current map is genious! Can you release it as a Dm map one day?


                                i hope this mod becomes public ,all people make new weapons and maps for it.......