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CTF-Elevation [Beta][Pics][Download]

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    CTF-Elevation [Beta][Pics][Download]

    Name: CTF-Elevation
    Version: .91
    Compatibility: UT3 v1.3
    Description: 4 paths to choose from, two places the flag could be, which way will you go? If you put your flag up, you close access to your weapons, is it worth it? Death comes from all directions, and all elevations.

    Comments: This is my third map, second to be released. Hopefully its the best yet. Please contact me or reply with
    problems, or suggestions to make it better.

    Credits: Epic for all materials, meshes, etc., and for the tutorials. Various forums for technical assistance.


    wow 2 walls LOL up and down


      only ps3...


        Ummm... its for PC. I'm not sure how to cook it for PS3.


          ive tryed it and found a few things

          the corridors were very dark and at times i just couldn't see and waited to be killed

          when i went down to the bottom level i struggled to get back up so several times i just committed suicide (maybe i didn't explore properly?), maybe add some ramps up. and getting up to the very top was a pain as u left urself open while walking up

          apart from that it's not bad