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CTF-Scabeiathrax (Beta One)

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    CTF-Scabeiathrax (Beta One)




    Beta One


    Patch 1.3, PC only (anyone want to cook for Ps3? Contact me)


    My first map for UT3, suitable for 8 to 12 players.

    Total development time, around 100 hours.

    "Once the gleaming jewel of technological research, the twin facilities on Scabeithrax played host to exciting new developments in space folding exploration. Using techniques gleamed from decades long studies of ancient artefacts and local folklore, scientists were to join the two facilities through bending space and time itself. The first experiment has proven more or less a success, but at a great cost. Despite almost immediate facility shutdown and quarantine, death rippled across the surface of the lunar base like an unstoppable tidal wave. Millions lay dead before a call for help could be made. It is the nature of men to create monsters. It is the nature of monsters to destroy their masters."


    There are going to be a fair few issues. Collision is currently a little awkward. The map should also have no translocator.

    Please post any and all issues (with a screenshot, would be nice), no matter how minor so I can fix it up.



    Thanks to John 'Darknet' Phan for helping me out with botpathing and publishing, and just generally being patient and lending a hand.

    Extra thanks to my girlfriend Autumn, who cooked and cleaned for me while I was working, and put up with me not coming to bed until the stupid hours of the morning.


    Looks like someone in that 4th pic got owned.


      Yep. You don't get more dead than that. The only real issue is that both flag bases are currently identical. I don't want to rework it yet unless I know the layout isn't going to change too much.


        screens are down


          Screenshot tags seem to be misbehaving, but the images were fine. Replaced with image tags.


            nice map some time the bots have a problem with the lifts and i can walk trouht some pilars at the broken brige


              A well designed and interesting map. I like the flow of the level and placement of the weapons.

              I play on a pretty dark monitor because I've calibrated it for printing so the middle of the map is a little dark for me, but I'm sure it's fine on other monitors?


                Hey Ambershee, I've got a report for ya

                Originally posted by CPT Stewart
                Alrightey, here are my impressions:

                I loved the map. The layout was really awesome and I loved the idea of the bridge being broken. Having the shield/slow field powerups are also a great addition.

                Some of the things I found wrong with the map:

                Here you can see the bots standing around near the flag. This guy was actually facing the other way until I got to where I am in the image. He was just looking the other way like nothing was going on.

                Here I was able to fly out of the map. I didn't try getting out without the fly cheat on, but I imagine with some hammer jumping or something it would be possible to get out. I could pretty much get out everywhere in the center of the map as well. The only ceiling hole I was blocked at was right above each flag.

                Here the health vials are not centered on the floor and it looks very strange. I can't remember which hallway this was in but I think the problem was there in multiple hallways.

                Here you can see some of my team's bots standing around near the flag. The only times they would move would be when something else bumped in to them (which caused them to run to the flag and then back to that spot) and when an enemy came into the room. They need some sort of motivation to leave the spot, possibly some health vials or armor around the edge of the room/on the way to the stairs to get them to move.

                Here there seems to be some decoration missing. It just sort of ends in the corner. Maybe add more wall to cover it up, or find some trim to add to the floor or something.

                Here the pieces are raised a bit above the floor (The pegs are circled in yellow) and they look like their floating when you're running through the hallway. Either lower them or add some more decorations on the floors (like the hallway in the image with the health vials)

                These next two images show where I got stuck. I was launched sideways by a rocket and got stuck behind those bars. It would probably be best to add a blocking volume along the wall there.
                Originally posted by GOW_KillinYouGood and GOW_DaKilla
                Here is what I ran into...

                I don't like the invulnerability powerups on any map, let alone 2 on this map, you can grab the invulnerability and translocate all the way to the opponents flag room with time to spare being invulnerable the whole way. grab the other one on the way back and you are untouchable again...too much...maybe replace with udamage

                Awesome looking sky !!

                These 2 teleporters are troublematic:
                from the flag room, you can shoot translocator through the portals, and teleport outside map. Also if you walk real slowly through the teleporter until you just barely teleport, then back peddle back through - you end up behind the wall/out of bounds, rather than reteleporting back to flag room.

                You can walk through the first 3 columns in front, but not the last one

                but your bullets collide with them

                You can translocate on top of the 2 greenglassed structures previously shown, and end up out of bounds real easily