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VCTF-StratusFear Beta 2 [UPDATE! PC & PS3 Download/New Screens]

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    VCTF-StratusFear Beta 2 [UPDATE! PC & PS3 Download/New Screens]

    Map Name: VCTF-StratusFear

    Description: This huge, flying platform was once used as a high-altitude loading dock. It now serves a much more grim purpose in the Tournament.



    Version: Beta v2.0

    Player Support: 8 to 24

    Complete Bot Support: No

    Gametypes Supported: Vehicle Capture the Flag

    Credits: ShadeMistress (Author), Epic (for Unreal Tournament 3, Static Meshes, Sound FX, Music, and Materials), and all the cool people on the Epic Games UT3 Forums. Also, all the cool people at T5K because they pwn me all the time and make me play, better which allows me to plan better strategic layouts.


    PC: [46.28 MB]

    PS3: I am no longer releasing mods for PS3 due to too many PS3 mod makers not releasing on PC.


    PC Users: Extract all files in the .zip archive to your ".../My Games/Unreal Tournament 3/UTGame/Published/CookedPC/CustomMaps" directory (or equivalent directory if using the '-nohomedir' function).

    Known Bugs:

    -Bots do some weird things with vehicles and sometimes try to take paths they shouldn't... including occasionally driving right off the map.

    -It is possible to "get stuck" on the big glass windows/floors when running across them. I'm stumped here because there's nothing there that blocks players at all, the meshes there are set to block weapons only for smoother gameplay.


    -If the enemy leaves the manta in the flag room, you CAN get it out but there's a trick to it. Back the manta up against the widows directly behind the flag and jump while holding "back." The manta will pop up onto the upper level.

    -The propellers were meant to withstand impact from falling debris and deal quite a lot of damage to anything they touch. (225/sec for the smaller ones, 1000/sec for the larger ones)

    -Don't jump across the holes if there's a propeller overhead.

    -You can safely cross over the fans with the hoverboard, but take one shot and you will die.

    -You can access the lower level via teleporters that go more or less directly to the flag (may move these to the upper level in the future), but beware it is very open from one end to the other and there is not much room or many obstacles to dodge around.

    From the screens, this looks like a map with great potential for a chaotic fast match.


      cool man. give us the download link!


        i really like the look of this map, but what kind of V's can we expect to see in this CTF?


          This looks awsome, ill definatly try it out, we need more vctf maps from the community.


            Originally posted by spacedemonebu View Post
            i really like the look of this map, but what kind of V's can we expect to see in this CTF?
            Right now, each team gets: Cicada, Raptor, Manta, Scorpion, and a Hellbender.

            No very powerful vehicles will be used.

            Thanks for all of the feedback despite that those screens don't do the map any justice. The wind particle effects and atmosphere is almost perfectly what I imagined it would be. The platform also flies around high above the city in circles, so that in tandem with the wind effects I have actually started to feel vertigo a few times just running around.

            A tip for players before I do release the beta: The fans that propel this thing will hurt you badly. The small ones deal 225 points of damage per second and the large ones deal 1000 damage per second, so be careful when dodging Avrils... hehehe...

            ALSO: This map will also be converted to regular CTF and WAR after the VCTF version goes to RC1, which shouldn't take long.


              Well, I just updated the OP with the download link, so you won't have to wait... lol

              Runs pretty well on my PC, but is currently untested on PS3.


                Just had a quick run around, first impressions...

                Couple of things, no weapons lockers at spawn, call me old fashioned, but I hate playing VCTF-Runaroundpickupadecentweapon. In VCTF the objective is capturing flags, and with all those nasty vehicles running around you need lockers to create some balance, and get the action and adrenaline flowing as quickly as possible.

                MegaHealth in the flag areas, this encourages camping and hiding in the bases, put something else in there, some 25 health maybe, and move the Megahealth more central. Combined with a spawn point in the flag area, this will make it very difficult to get the flag back. It's always a good idea to keep the flag runners on the move.

                Found a (BSP?) bug..
                Managed to get stuck here :

                The map needs optimising, I am dropping to below 30fps in places in flyby mode. Stock maps rarely drop below 50fps for me.

                Very good use of meshes and lighting, looks very promising : )


                  Bloody hell Shade, if this is half as good as the screenshots ...

                  Downloading now, will take a look once the wife & kids have gone to bed & I get the TV back



                    Thank you for developing VCTF!

                    This looks great, as per norm with your maps. Again thanks for another new VCTF map

                    huge fan of space themed maps also so this is a DOUBLE KILL!!


                      Awsome cant wait to try this out.


                        It's better than the screenshots

                        I love atmospheric maps, & this one has bags of atmosphere. It has a grimy industrial feel to it that could make you believe people fight for their lives here.

                        You're right, the slow rotation is enough to make you feel slightly off-balance - not enough for real disorientation, but enough to make a difference.

                        The visuals are very nice - the fact that you're on a flying platform high above a city could be entirely forgotten if you weren't frequently reminded of it by the vertiginous views through the windows and the floor grills. The flying wisps of cloud, the fog tendrils in the lower areas & the wind effects, the ambient sounds plus the touch of bloom all help to evoke the impression of high-altitude thin atmosphere in harsh conditions. The fast-paced music that kicks in when you've got the flag is a nice touch too

                        Layout's well thought-out - multiple routes are good, head on down the lower levels or across the bridges at the sides with vehicles, over the catwalks & through the support struts on foot or hoverboard to provide a decent amount of cover, although you can be picked off by aerial units if you get complacent.

                        Good to see Avrils & enough ammo to stand a chance, but there's also enough terrain cover that the vehicles have a fighting chance of their own for evasion.

                        Nice variety of paths through to the flag & plenty of deathtrap fans & holes over empty space for you to kill yourself if you're not paying attention

                        I noticed a couple of problems but as they've been raised by other people / you're already aware of them I won't bring them up again. Runs very nicely on the PS3, didn't notice any slowdown in IA against a full complement of bots.

                        If you were asking for suggestions, these are the only differences I'd like to see if I had carte blanche:
                        • Could the sky-dome have a few clouds in it? I think that'd add nicely to the atmosphere & a little more to the disorientation if you stop to look around; I wouldn't want to see that moon covered up though
                        • The fog tendrils in the lower areas are nice, but I think they'd look even better if they were turned up a little
                        • I'd love to be able to get down into the latticework of support beams for the main propulsion units, maybe from a small open latticework platform underneath the main platform, with perhaps a teleporter under the main turbine ...

                        Another high-quality piece of work, Shade, and if improvements are on the same scale as those seen through Infiris' development, then I can't wait to see the final, plus CTF & War versions! What more could we ask for? As ever, thanks for taking the time to cook for PS3


                          Thanks for all of the feedback guys.

                          I still have quite a bit of optimization to do and I also only placed the existing items there to have items in the map. There's no plans to keep the weapons/items where they are, especially with the lack of armor pickups.

                          There are some plans to make an "undercarriage" structure as well as some flying "beacons", since you can actually fly underneath the structure. I will be adding some walkways and other things there with either teleporters or I will utilize Jump Pads in some unique way.

                          The jump boots in the center will be getting moved somewhere else, as will the super health.

                          I'm not sure about whether I will keep the Invisibility or if I will replace that with the shield belt.

                          As for getting stuck on the dome area, I had mentioned that in the "known bugs" in the OP. I have no idea what causes you to get stuck there, since the meshes on the floor have it set to only block weapons. You can get un-stuck by hopping on and off the hoverboard, then if you walk over the same area again you won't get stuck. It's weird and seems to happen in random spots at random times.


                            **** girl, you pumpin these maps out like theres no tomorrow. i wish i had your time

                            just keep'em coming good work!


                              As for getting stuck on the dome area, I had mentioned that in the "known bugs" in the OP. I have no idea what causes you to get stuck there, since the meshes on the floor have it set to only block weapons. You can get un-stuck by hopping on and off the hoverboard, then if you walk over the same area again you won't get stuck. It's weird and seems to happen in random spots at random times.
                              It's a BSP bug, try snapping the vertices of the Domes to grid, alternatively (and the best solution) use static meshes.