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    Thanks I really wanted to do something new

    I see a lot of people like to remake stuff from other games & movies so, I wanted to make something new, you know kind of brake the mold LOL

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    Looks cool!

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    I would love some in-game shots but, it would seem that my pc can only build for ut3 =(
    & if I get the game to load it's at vary low rez =(

    so I play the game on the PS3

    Oh yeah I added some SRC's for people that like to edit
    Have fun ...

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    Any Ingame Shots?

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  • started a topic CH_Tank PC / PS3 / MAX / ZBrush / OBJ /

    CH_Tank PC / PS3 / MAX / ZBrush / OBJ /

    Version: Build #1
    Compatibility: PC / PS3 / MAX / ZBrush / OBJ /
    Description: A head I have been making
    Comments: Meah
    Screenshot: yeah
    Credits: so many
    Homepage: :P
    Download: you bet


    well I'm done with his head so I thought I might as well let people play with it.
    the ps3 is cooked only as a head so you will have to add what ever body parts you like to it'

    the pc is a lot the same but it's just a head cook & you can put it anywhere you like, re-name him :P
    here is his addy
    I will make body parts but I really want to take my time




    PC UT3 Cooked




    UT3 UN-Cooked