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DM - Crevice : beta02 [imgs/video/dload]

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    DM - Crevice : beta02 [imgs/video/dload]

    Name: DM - Crevice
    Version: Beta 02
    Compatibility: UT3 1.3 (PC only during beta)

    Description: On the edge of this city was a crevice caused by tectonic activity. Over time, the lands separated, creating steep cliffs, and a network of passages below the rubble. The city attempted to keep youth from accessing the passages by building a wall, although the wall was quickly destroyed by some rather high powered weapons. Not to be out-done, the city is now building a much larger wall using a new plasma based shielding technology. This map works well with 16-31 players or bots.

    Map Credits: all content by Epic, arranged by Sonic Wallpaper

    Music Credits: original by Epic, remix and arrangement by Sonic Wallpaper

    Homepage: music - blog

    PC Download: Beta 02 - uploaded: 8/24/2008
    ** from filefront
    ** from unrealplayground



    DM - Crevice at YouTube

    About: Originally, this was designed for the UT2D mod, which turns UT3 into a '2D' Scroller. I liked the feel of the map, so I saved a copy and started to modify it for use as a Deathmatch map. The general layout is the same, this is more enhanced for full movement, along with much more detail added.

    Known Issue: sometimes upon dying, your character will be tossed into the air at high velocity, usually getting stuck in the geometry of the map or the blocking volume in the sky. I don't think there's a fix for this, unless I recreated the collisions on the rock geometry, which is what I believe is causing the issue. Fortunately, it doesn't disrupt gameplay.


    Thank you for checking this out - Feedback is welcomed. Sorry, no PS3 version during beta testing

    Sonic Wallpaper

    Looks really cool... dl'ing!


      Thanks man - let me know if you enjoy it.

      The map is basically complete - I just thought it would be good to release a beta version first to see if anyone else can find any issues.

      The map is best with 16 or more players.


        reminds me of urban steel millworking looks very nice


          anyone have a chance to download and play?

          If you feel the screenshots and video are too dark - I understand, and had already increased the lighting after I filmed the video and took the screenshots.


            Originally posted by Sonic Wallpaper View Post
            Thanks man - let me know if you enjoy it.
            I do; the (mostly) linear gameplay is an interesting change of pace from more traditional maps. Looks pretty good, no major issues as far as I can tell.


              a week has passed since I checked this beta thread - has anyone else given this a try?

              4TX4 - thank you for replying and playing the map

              As 4TX4 pointed out, it does have a linear layout, but with so many levels to the playing area, I think it still provides a good match. I hope ppl aren't skipping this because they think it's too simple of a map layout - give it a try!

              If nothing comes up - I'll copy the map to make the ps3 version and publish the finals of the map. I sure wish the darn ps3 was allowed to have custom music.


                nice amp plays good and looks good ther is one thing way is there a avril in this map