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CTF-Infiris RC1 UPDATE! [New Screens, PC/PS3 Download]

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    nice map
    i m not a big fan of CTF but this one caught my attention with the all the colors of the picts; and now i know what a rain of colors ;took me some time to addapt my eyes to all those enlighted colors....

    the gameplay is fantastic and as it was said before the no vehicle no overboard put a "old ut root" dimension ; bout the gameplay the only thing strange i ve note is that sometimes u have to "jump" on the weapons base to catch them cauz if u try to get them walkin' u are bloked in front of the "circular base"(especially on the minigun base)

    on highest settings my cpu (amd athlonX2 6400)was close to explode and i had to set all on 3 to not have freeze in some fighting moments

    dunno what to say more ...perhaps that sometimes the blue color that show u the "ennemy flag direction" and the yellow color of the jumpadds is not really according to the rest of the colors...those jumpadds are not really according to any external maps in fact they are nice in geometric structures but i find them uggly my humble opinion

    nice job ; thx : )