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::Invert:: - Flip Gravity at Willl - 1 File Modification [Pics][Video][D/L]

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    I've been dossing about with this .. never happy with not actually "flipping" the geomatry as much as rotating which is a little disorientating... this would be fixed with the flipping, as its easier to imagine the world, flipped rather than rotated 180* as if gravity actually did cahnge

    however just been thinking this through and ive come up with a way to now flip gravity as such, meaning i can now have static lights, lightmaps and more complex puzzles including more complex moving objects and even physics objects.

    ill be working on this over the next few weeks (as i have a TON of things to do the coming weeks) so hopefully ill have something solid to show as a proof of concept soon

    then ive im happy il hopefully make a small mod/game out of it


      Originally posted by euchreplayer23 View Post
      Very cool, but short level. Reminds me of "blast chamber" on the Playstation. Keep the levels coming, acid floors or spikes would be cool. You could "do" buttons that make ramps and platforms (needed to reach certain areas). How did you do this in kismet though, could you share so others could do?
      I am not the only one who remembers Blast Chamber! For years I've wanted a new version to come out. It was a great puzzle game, and the multiplayer was fun. I think if the graphics were improved, and it were fully 3-D, it would sell really well as a PSN or Xbox Live game. And even on Steam.

      For anyone who isn't familiar with Blast Chamber, it was a great action-puzzle game for the PS1. In single player you controlled a guy. Each room was a cube with stairways, walls/floors and walkways. And in each room were triggers you could hit to rotate the world 90 degrees in either direction. The objective was to get to the star in the level, and then return it to the goal. Harder levels had obstacles like spikes, electric fields and fire pits that could kill you if you ran into them or fell on them.

      ANd then there was the 4-player multiplayer where each player had a goal on one of the floors, and they had to fight each other for the star. Anyone could rotate the room as long as they hit a switch. And if someone pushed you or rotated the room when you had a star, and you fell from pretty high, you lost the star and it could be grabbed again. Or they could rotated the room and make you fall into a fire pit. You had a limited munber of lives, so once you used them all up, you were out of the game. At the end it tallies who scored the most points, and I think there were options to tally in kills/deaths as well if you wanted both to contribute to the final score. There were also different game modes with different rules.

      It's a fantastic game. But it's visuals are so dated. The characters and stars were sprites, and that made it hard to tell how far into the cube your character was at times. A remake of the game in the Unreal Engine would be excellent.

      Video of gameplay


        i vaguely remember playing that as a kid ^^ or atleast hearing about it :lol: my memory is like a fish

        anywho, some minor updates as of tonight... got back from work, went for a qucik spin, grabbed a few beers and got back eager to ..... RUN INTO TONS OF PROBLEMS

        but.,. thats the fun bit

        after 2 hours of setting up the logic and testing, i know pretty much what i have to do (again.....) just doing its going to be a little time consuming, and.. the beers now having an effect.. so best call it quits before i wake up tomorrow and wonder WTF i was thinking..


          You should search around in the forum, there is a very similar project out there. Instead of flipping they are using a "time travel" theme. Their set up is almost identical to yours. If your looking for help that is. I would love to cook this on PS3 for you.


            ahh really, ive also done a time travel mod (well.. if you can call it a mod :P)

            where you hit a botton, and it shows you your time line in first person camera, sweeping back through your past time line from when youce hit the button, then when you hit a botton again it would stop and port you there

            anywho, regarding this gravity mod, ive jsut thought of a MUCH cleaner way to set this up in kismet, so.. wish me luck

            /me opens UEd


              well, got it working 100%, even spamming the key seems to work flawlessly

              i also got it working within Mirrors Edge, so thats good fun wall running then flipping gravity to land on the ceiling :lol:

              however, although Mirrors edge is more suitable for this project, the play in editor just isnt very nice.. once you jump, you have 10 seconds to live. (very strange) so.. ill be making this in UT3. atleast for now. + Unreal has a lot larger community than that of mirrors edge, so more people should get to play it

              so.. now the fundamentals are down... lets get to designing some levels


                less than a year.

                i am so gratefull that people have not given up on this game.

                and another reason to still believe...


                  The download link is broken


                    sorry about the download link guys, this was a thing i messed about with many months ago .. never really happy about "rotating the world" instread of flipping it so to speak... so didnt bother continuing.

                    but now i have this working i hope to push forward with the project

                    i will upload a new demo as soon as i have a test leave ready with some kind of art.