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Miyuki [version 1.0]

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    Miyuki [version 1.0]

    Name: Miyuki

    Version: 1.0

    Compatibility: Unreal Tournament 3 v1.2/1.3

    New Player model for Unreal Tournament 3. Miyuki is the first character of four I plan to do using the new Faction feature in patch 3. I would like to have a whole team. Miyuki model based on the collected manga works of Masamune Shirow and mech designer Yutaka Izubuchi.
    Miyuki is the first in-game model I have made. I learned a lot and hope to use this knowledge to create new and better characters.

    This version does not have a custom voice or FP arms, I would like to add this content later. Once I have a better understanding of the Unreal 3 material system, and a computer that can handle this game better.


    The following screen shots show her team colors. I have also included a piece of my concept art.

    Credits: Mel_Danes

    Download for PC

    Thanks to all the modders making original content for this and any game, you work long, under appreciated hours.
    Special thanks to iWaNN, GeoDav, EvilEngine, and Camurai whom without I would never have finished this little lady or got her in game.

    As this is a Beta thread any and all comment and critique are very welcome. Please comment on the good and the bad, or anything else you want.

    pretty nice model, very professional


      Nice , i would never use it , But I can appreciate all the hard work put into this

      Good job !!


        She looks fine so far haven't encountered any problems.


          nice, not my taste(i like the huge power armour my self), but nice. definitely see the manga aspect of the model.

          good job


            Nice work, I really like it Will there be a version without the Visor, or option to select/deselect it?


              Nice one, i really do like people releasing Characters for others to play with. It's what makes UT so special, looking forward to see-ing the whole team.

              ps. nice to be mentioned


                C4rn463, Repent_....Thank you.

                VoodooMaster....Excellent, I take it you have downloaded and used it then. I at first thought I had broken the skeleton when I used a hoverboard in VCTF, her neck stretches very badly. Upon further investigation it appears all custom characters do this. I would really appreciate it if you could report any issues you have with the character. Thanks again

                Lt Apollo....Thanks for your comment. I as well like power armor, maybe you will use the next couple then.

                =assassin=....Thanks for that. Yes a version without the visor will be made. In the final version she will have the visor, a pair of manga aviator styled shades, and a helmet to choose from. I'm working on a system that uses all the head parts to create a multipiece helmet design that allows for serious customization between characters.

                geodav....Thank you for your interest and kind words. Your site has been very helpful in this whole process, and I being a 20 year 40k vet had to see it. I have thought of PM'ing you a couple times for advice or help, but I wanted to get through it once on my own first. I want to add a couple weapons and maybe a vehicle to my rooster as well, so that advice will still be needed.

                Thanks to all of you that have downloaded my creation, and those of you who just stopped by to see it. If you have any thoughts about how I could make it better, or any additions you would like to see, please let me know. My e-mail addy is in the read me file.


                  @mel, just ask and i'll try to help, if your interested i've justed released a first test build of our mod for UT3, you'll have to register on our forum to get it though.

                  any other help is totally free
                  ps i must find time to update my tuts to add custom factions


                    Great looks, Nice hooters! Waaahhhh!!!


                      Thanks for the comments and the downloads.

                      Here is a taste of what is to come....I've begn work on the generic soldier unit, basically my default guy.


                        nice legs, cant wait to see full model. only thing that's kinda weird is the poofynes of the thighs in contrast to the thin leg and boot armour


                          Originally posted by Lt Apollo View Post
                          nice legs, cant wait to see full model. only thing that's kinda weird is the poofynes of the thighs in contrast to the thin leg and boot armour
                          It looks like lose pants and if you are wearing that and then put a big iron boot on the pants they can poof up on top of the boot if it forces the material up. Which if it does or not has to do with how you put on the boot.

                          Looks amazing btw.

                          The only thing that still needs work on the other character is the specular layer of the material. Its too strong and causes everything to be shiny and plastic looking. imo. Still great work though.


                            Great model!

                            I like the style and colours, look forward to the others


                              ps3 please btw awesome drawing!!!!!!!!!!!