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WAR-Rivalen RC4 (Dria Remake)

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    WAR-Rivalen RC4 (Dria Remake)

    Name: WAR-Rivalen
    Version: RC4
    Compatibility: PC
    Description: "Remake" of ONS-Dria.
    Comments: Included ini file provides 2 different link setups and 2 different versions (Axon and Necris). Large custom materials so no ability or plans for a PS3 release.
    Credits: Thanks to Epic Games for creating the original, and all the guys at ZeroFrag who tested and provided me with input on this map.

    Download link is busted


      this looks really good! but the link is dead


        Oops! Sorry, link is fixed.


          Ah Dria is a map i always love playing in UT2004! Its big scale, its atmosphere, its music made it an exellent map!

          So back to its remake, Rivalen! and thanks to BigDog to made it, its quite similar of the original but in another graphical theme.

          In overall, i think the map is very good but it could have maybe some little improvments, especially on turrets, which are not movable: IMO, put some rails could make them really better and more efficient.

          - Problem with one red base turret, which can hit their prime:

          - Beacause of trees, North raptor red node turret is unefficient if you compare it to the south raptor blue node:

          So add rails for turrets could be a good solution to balance turret efficiency for both raptors nodes and both primary nodes:

          - Raptors nodes:


            - Primaries nodes:

            - Be careful to the vehicles spawn points for blue base: the 2 mantas can be shot but the primary turret:

            - IMO,the red and blue base wall openings are too larger, and making them shorter could be better:

            - Maybe, modify a bit terrain to allow manta jumps to pass the big wall, but not everywhere, just like it was in Dria:

            - MUSIC: no music? could it be possible to have the original Dria music for this map? Dria's music is simply awesome, and one of my favourite music of UT2004, i really would like to ear it again on UT3!!

            - FPS: I have an FPS's fall in the middle of the map, in and all around the big river.

            - EMP mine: i dont think EMP mine is necessary, and i am a bit scared that it could be use to lock vehicles in opponent base... Maybe slow volume and EMP's place could be changed each other?

            - I really like the shield instead of spiders (great choice!)

            So, my most importants suggestions are just for the turrets, i really think that addind rails could be a good thing

            Congratulations for your great work BigDog


              Oops i forgot 2 suggestions:

              - I didn't mention ORB: but it could be cool to have an orb version: maybe put orb spawns at raptors nodes (can be good) and corners nodes (not sure its a good idea) and why note add a free node with orb spawn for exemple:
              If there is a freenode with orb spawn, corner orb spawn is no more necessary.
              I would see the freenode with 1 manta and the big armor

              - mix vehicles version: mix axon and necris vehicle could be exellent too! For exemple:
              Base: 1 manta , 1 viper, 1 scorpion, 1 scavenger ,1 fury and 1 nemesis.
              Prime: 1 raptor, 1 scorpion, 1 manta
              Raptor node: 1 raptor, 1 scorpion, 1 viper
              Tank node: 1 tank, 1 hellbender, 1 scavenger
              Corner node: 1 darkwalker, 1 viper, 1 scorpion


                Another nice map..........


                  nice map downloading now


                    Also please add some more trees. Dia was a stand out map because it had some vary nice trees around it. Mabye to make it a bit different some mock up headge rows would add some fun to it. Also for the turrets try to mix the types up a bit. The Rocket turrets are perfect for dealing with ground vehicles, while the other turrets make slag outa infantry and aircraft.

                    If nothing else try to use a better and brighter sky box. As well as deepen the Watter around the bridges more so tanks can't just camp under the bridge as people try to cross. IE it would mean the heavy tanks, and wheeld vehicles would have to use the bridge while the mantas can cross the open watter and get into some cool fights all on their own.

                    Keep up the good work!


                      Originally posted by Tenebre View Post
                      - MUSIC: no music? could it be possible to have the original Dria music for this map? Dria's music is simply awesome, and one of my favourite music of UT2004, i really would like to ear it again on UT3!!
                      I believe that any remake should include the original song from the original version for music. : )


                        Wow, thanks for all of the input. Only have a few minutes here so to answer some of the feedback...

                        Turrets on rails: A lot of the turrets are specifically placed or have objects placed in front of them so they can't hit the nodes (except for that one I missed). To put them on rails would require a lot of additional adjustments in terrain and object placement to keep them from still hitting the nodes.

                        More trees: It's been a couple of months since I've actually put most of this map together, but from what I recall when I was working on placing trees in the map, the only areas that are really lacking the same number of trees are in the center areas. Was having real bad problems with fps drops in those areas so I kept the number of trees a little lower to try and help that. I could try adding more but if it makes the fps drop again it's not worth it imo.

                        Making the water deeper: I wanted the gameplay to stay as close to the original as possible which means allowing vehicles to cross the river w/o taking damage. To constrict the travel across the river to just the bridges would really change the dynamics.

                        Turret types: Again, wanted to stay close to the original map.

                        Map music: Oops, forgot to add that? I've never played UT with music on so I often overlook that. As far as using the original music, never even thought about that with my two other WAR remakes.

                        I'll fix the existing turret problems for sure, hopefully in time before the Back to School "We Own Your Core" Custom Map Warfare Party


                          looks very promising... i've rated this map for ya so ppl can keep easier tabs on a good map


                            Hey thanks VACkillers!

                            Updated the map with the bug fix of the turret hitting the node, the prime turret pwning the core area, and the lack of map music.


                              thanks BD, are you going to come play with us for the We Own Your Core event? Many of your maps will be featured.....