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vCTF-Volcanix[Beta 2][Pics][PC][PS3 available NOW]

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    vCTF-Volcanix[Beta 2][Pics][PC][PS3 available NOW]


    Version:Beta 2

    Compatibility:UT3 patch 1.3

    Description:In a large volcanic crater, the liandri have set up a crystal minning site deep within the central volcano, this site has been closed off, but the outside has been left opened to the tournament.This is Volcanix.

    Comments:This is my second vCTF map. Also, its my first completed map with my own layout.Ok thanks to euchreplayer23, i now have a ps3 version up and running.


    Credits:Myself , euchreplayer23 for cooking it for PS3 ,and Epic games



    All feedback is welcome

    Please tell me if there are any serious bugs/glitches because as far as im aware this baby's ready to go final. Also, i might change the lighting abit, tone it down and make it a bit darker.

    Ok thanks hopefully nothings wrong.


      Hehehe, ya i was there, i did also notice it has to many vehicles for multiplayer, but for bots, it seems to work fine, so ill fix that up,either what you sujested widening the canyon or just getting rid of some vehicles.


        go to unreal station, someone there will cook your map for you , they will cook all your maps if you ask them to


          Updated with ps3 version now


            Ok, i am currently working on Beta 3 right now and it has alot of changes,one i added some height fog and a ppv around the whole map. I got rid of the smoke hurting you. I got rid of one raptor and moved it to where the redeemer was previously, i changed the bridges to more metal them and moved the big keg of health. I added a building at the top of the mountain that you can access from the raptor's spot by jump pad and added the deemer in it, also have a shield belt, and added helmets to where the raptors were previously.Also added music, and two suns, a red one and a smaller blue one, also changed the lighting. Hopefully you guys will like the changes when i release it.


              Nice map, colouring & style remind me a little of Red Faction, although obviously they're set in completely different locations

              Plays well on my PS3 - couldn't find anywhere with lag or slow-down. I like the layout but I have to agree with the previous posters, there could be a little more room to manoeuvre or fewer vehicles, as it seems that opposing forces are so evenly matched that it's difficult to score (although that could just be my playing ) Seems from your previous post that you're already addressing these things, though

              Like the sound of the changes proposed for beta 3, so will be eagerly looking forward to its release. Thanks for allowing your work to be cooked for PS3


                Thanks. Ill post some screens of it in abit.

                Edit: Ok, so here a some pics of the newer version

                So alot has change graphic wise, not much layout wise but still some.

                Hope everyone will like the new version.

                PS. i forgot to mention that this SHOULD be fast paced thats why im having a tough time deciding the vehicle scheme...

                PSS. Dont judge the pics to bad cuz they are on 3 texture and world details...