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Mayhem (Welding Bot) beta 1

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    Mayhem (Welding Bot) beta 1

    Name:Mayhem (Welding Bot)


    Compatibility:UT3 patch 1.2

    Description:Mayhem,this Liandri Welding Droid was taken off the market as a result of "Malfunctions". It has a new lust for blood and the tournament is its way to please it.

    Comments:This is my skin for ut3, i used all epic content making this i just pieced it together and made a character out of it.


    (This pic is with unreleased shoulder pads)

    Credits:Epic for all the assets, the_Slaughter for his tutorial and his help, and myself.




    OMG thank you, thank you, thank you! there were like four or five people working on getting this in-game, i would kill to know how you did this!


      Thanks, it actualy was very simple, i just followed The_Slaughter's tutorial on skinning but copied the stuff from the CH_Corrupt_CIne package that has the welding bot textures in it. Then i just pieced it all together in a new file along with the required meshes from the CH_Corrupt_Male package and then finished coding the .ini and adding the description and there in game, luckily The_Slaughter helped me out by checking over my ini file because it didnt seem to work in game, and there we. PS, before any1 asks for a ps3 version im not entirely sure how to make a ps3 version of it so if any one can give me info on how to do it then it'd be appreciated But for some reason, the green lights on it are only showing up in the char selection srceen...

      EDIT:Hmm... i was digging around and i just tested to see if the materials worked on any shoulder pads and infact it does on 1 of them so ill include that in the next version aswell ill try to figure out how to get a portrait of him in the game.

      EDIT AGAIN: Also, if anyone can help me make first person arms then it'd be appreciated


        Any chance of getting the green glow?


          Im not entirely sure why its not working so until i find out whats wrong with it, its a no. Sorry.


            PS. You made a spelling error with the CustonChar.ini
            Was wondering why it wouldn't work.

            Character actually looks kinda cool ingame, just shame it doesn't have that green glow like in the character selection screen.

            Think it has something to do with the modfamilies though, can renember exactly ,but before patch 1.2 that they said they cannot add glow etc until custom families is fixed or something.


            Hope this will at least give you a clue


              Hmm... Didnt notice the spelling mistake thanks, as for the custom, idk how to make any, so if anyone can tell me how then ill look in to seeing if thats the problem with the light. PS. I got the shoulder pads ingame so ill include them in the next update.

              EDIT: Updated Front Page with a Character Selection Screenshot.


                someone make a mirror i cant download from the filefront