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    Originally posted by stevelois View Post
    I agree with you that many paths makes catching up to flag carriers very frustrating sometime since you don't see it. Perhaps, lower the upper walls will show up the flag even if you're on the ground. Don't forget that my suggestions of oppening the buildings are concerning only a 2 buildings (3 with the tower), it is not about changing the layout, but simply make it more diversify, less limited, more open. Try it, you'll see
    Lowering the upper walls would mean less cover in the map, so that would be no good.

    I think I may try opening the tower with the pillars, but what exactly is bad about being limited to the streets when you've got the flag? There are still many, many branching paths, but you've got a greater challenge and have to rely on team mates with translocators to cover you from the rooftops. If anything it means more diversity in the gameplay of the map because you'll usually be attacking almost exclusively via the rooftops and then flag-running back to base along a whole other set of paths. So what about that creates bad gameplay in your opinion?

    Also I'd love it if those who are giving the map "Bad" and "Terrible" ratings would come out of hiding and tell me what needs improving. There's nothing to be afraid of if you've got some reasoning to back it up.


      I understand your POV but the fact is regardless if I have OR don't have the flag, I would like to take the lower paths AND/OR the higher paths without teleport. That is how UT99-2004 maps where made and that is why they where the best UT CTF maps.

      I'm not here to convince you, I'm not a sailor, I'm here to suggest things that could help you. I don't understand why it seem so much complicated to give it a try. Yes I understand what you wrote about gameplay and such but...

      Yes, it's essential that we think before acting but sometime, even if it look or sound odd, to try something that does not fit with your principle could surprise you in a good way. I'm the king of guy that think as you AND experiment other ideas to just to see what append.

      Anyway, since your not willing to try nothing, I don't see the interest of suggesting anything.

      Good luck.


        I'm always willing to try suggestions if they've been thought through and make sense to me. Mapping and testing is just too much of a time consuming process to go making big changes to a level for no other reason than "just to see what happens". Even if you're just experimenting you still have to have some idea of why you're making a particular layout change and what the results will be.

        I'm still trying to learn what makes good CTF gameplay, so if the current layout is bad I'd rather get a thorough understanding of why specifically that is before trying to fix it.


          I didn't play it, so I didn't rate it. I agree with you that people should say why they think its good/bad and how they think it could be better. People should also realize that because they make a suggestion, the mapper doesn't have to agree, and everybody should be cool with that.


            Originally posted by The Demon Slick View Post
            ...People should also realize that because they make a suggestion, the mapper doesn't have to agree, and everybody should be cool with that.
            Hey, I've suggest and explained why Still, he has the last word. I was not angry on my previous post even if it maybe sound like. I'm cool with that and in several months, I'll say thank you for the map


              *Bump* Hey Setheran, how's it going? Just checking in, hope you're well. Waaahhh!!!


                Glad someone's actually interested in this. I haven't been making much progress lately, though, as all my mapping time has been devoted to working on The Ball. I won't be going back to this until I've finished my contribution to that mod.

                Here's some screens of some of the new meshes I've made so far:

                When I'm done I plan on using these assets again for some kind of Warfare map in an expanded city.


                  This is a fantastic CTF map! Even if you were going to leave it just the way it is, I'd still love it. It has a nice clean look, reminds me of the HOLP pack. I love the feel too, the rooftops and the alleyways. The fact that you are going to pretty it up is awesome, you have incredible skills. I can't wait ^_^

                  Now I know you didn't like the idea of letting the flag carrier on the rooftops but... I sort of wish it was possible. When I saw the screens, that's the idea I liked most, escaping over them. It will be great anyway, just my two cents.


                    Like the thief of Baghdad, over the roofs and Whoop! Gone! I like it too, but I can see why you would want to make it hard, make it easier to shoot down that flag carrying thief type dude!


                      dude, i don't know if you're still working on this map, but you should totally finish this one! =D